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Sunday, September 30, 2001

*dances happy dance of joy* I HAVE FINISHED THRONE OF BHAAL!!

Good thing you got over the cat business, Iggs. I can send you another cat postcard then ;) *ducks*

[ sailoreagle + 4:20 PM + link ]

Woohoo! Alan Rickman's in Harry Potter. Hopefully as Snape as he is the best bad guy ever. :-)

Hmm, I bet you all know this already and I'm just looking stupid. Ah well.

I've got over the cat business, eagle and I have ToB... which is a lot of good as I need BG2 back in order to a) install it and b) get the Best Ever Party (TM) together.

[ Iggles + 3:48 PM + link ]

Saturday, September 29, 2001

An amusing thing that happened yesterday... and then they whine when we tell them they're stupid. Heh.

<Continuity> Oh, god.
<Continuity> HELP.
<Continuity> <@Continuity> /ns register your@email yourpassword
<Continuity> <@Continuity> type it.
<Continuity> <shadowthief> I did it
<Continuity> <shadowthief> I think
<Continuity> <@Continuity> Yay.
<Continuity> <@Continuity> What did you put for your mail?
<Continuity> <shadowthief> now what wait
<Continuity> <shadowthief> I typed what you typed :0
<Daveh> rofl
<Continuity> Someone lend me some patience.
<Paz> But if he registers, how will I be able to impersonate him and change the password on #nbu again?
<sailoreagle> lol!
<Continuity> Paz, you eejit. lol
* Daveh takes all the patience and hands Continuity an iron boot.
<Continuity> Help! I'm stuck in a clan full of eejits!
* Continuity WILL NOT GIVE UP
<sailoreagle> you only noticed now?
<Continuity> No, I'm only crying for help now. ;p
<sailoreagle> heheh
<Paz> I was largely frowned upon for the take-over of #nbu , so I guess I won't be doing it again
<sailoreagle> and then they say they aren't stupid.
<Continuity> Potsy is actually not thick, I don't think.
<sailoreagle> no, Potsy's the smart one
<sailoreagle> or at least, he got smarter lately
<sailoreagle> he WAS fairly thick some time ago.
<Paz> He's "the smart one"?
<Paz> Heaven help humanity.
<Continuity> Heaven help me & NBU.

[ sailoreagle + 11:49 AM + link ]

You took your time to post, burrick. ;)

And you're welcome. *is the l33t html expert* ;)

[ sailoreagle + 11:41 AM + link ]

Friday, September 28, 2001

"When the weight of the world has got you down, and you want to end your life.
Bills to pay, a dead-end job and problems with the wife.
But don't throw in the towel 'cos theres a place right down the block, where you can drink your misery away....
At Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing Moeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss..."

Ahhh... gotta love the simpsons :)
(Thanks for the imagemap help btw, sailor :D)

[ Fat Burrick + 4:14 PM + link ]

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

See! Not my fault. I post. You're the ones that don't post.

Or it might just be that I'm a conversation killer... :o

Anyway. Nearly finished Throne of Bhaal now... all I have to do is kill that bitch Melissan. Steal Bhaal's essence and become a goddess instead of me? Oh no, I don't think so. *sharpens sword*
Looking back on the battles I had with the Five... the first one (I forget her name) was easy, Yaga Shura was easy, Sendai and Abazigal were a pain in the ass as I don't have a proper mage in my party (Sendai kept casting protection spells on herself, and Abazigal kept healing himself ><), Balthazar was the easiest of the five.

What else I had to say... oh yeah, Iggs, I got your letter. :) If the stamp does turn out to be valuable, keep it- I have one for myself. Again, sorry about the cat. ;)

[ sailoreagle + 12:48 PM + link ]

Saturday, September 22, 2001

Well it's not my fault. I posted a lenghty post just before yours. Go yell at FB and d0om. Or better yet, get Throne of Bhaal so we can talk about that ;)

[ sailoreagle + 9:16 PM + link ]

Wow, this is sure a hive of activity ;-)

[ Iggles + 7:06 PM + link ]

Sunday, September 09, 2001

Oh, don't worry, Iggles, we all like BG2 in here so we don't mind if you rant about it. ;)

Oh, and do get ToB, you know you can't resist it. ;) You get all sorts of l33t abilities and new items, and they've raised the max exp cap as I'm sure you already know.. so you get more spells and everything. Take Viconia, for example, I'm not even halfway through ToB and she has 9 lv6 spell slots and 5 lv7 spell slots. Which means lots of heals and summons as far as I'm concerned. Oh and you can make Viconia change alignment to Neutral Good if you're in a romance with her. And Watcher's Keep is incredibly fun.

Oh, and re: "have Edwin or be a mage, there's no other way". I'm managing quite good without an actual mage in my party, actually. I was replaying BG2 with a proper party (myself as a Sorcerer, Minsc, Viconia, Jaheira, Jan and Korgan), but when I got ToB I ditched that and started ToB with my old party: myself as a Thief, Minsc, Viconia, Jaheira, Haer'Dalis and I think I had Valygar - but I ditched him immediately for Sarevok, you have the option to get him as soon as you start ToB. (Oh incidentally, you can make Sarevok change alignment too, to Chaotic Good - just don't require the promise to not betray you when he joins you, and keep talking to him about good things. I bet people with Good aligned parties will like that, they can have the best Cleric and a damn good Fighter and take their rep to 20 with no problems.)
Minsc and Sarevok handle the meleé, with Haer'Dalis with Tenser's Transformation (or however that spell is called) on him as a backup if I need it - otherwise, he just casts minor spells at the enemy mages to stop them from casting spells until I get at them with my fighters (fireball works wonders, as I've notices that enemy mages tend to stand in a group away from the main fight). Viconia and Jaheira cast summons, then Jaheira goes in the back with the sling (or joins the meleé, depends on what kind of fight it is) and Viconia joins the meleé (she has the Crom Faeyr, she deals more damage than Minsc does sometimes; I just pull her out if I need Heals, and besides I have loads of healing potions so that's usually not needed), while my character backstabs and/or casts spells from scrolls (did I mention the incredibly useful "use every item" ability that Thieves and Bards can get in ToB?).

Reckon I should stop editing this post and adding stuff? Yeah, thought so.

[ sailoreagle + 11:20 AM + link ]

Saturday, September 08, 2001

yeah, multiplayer BG would be good :) Although my Char isn't that good yet, so you'd walk all over me ;)

[ d0om + 10:46 PM + link ]

Jaheira? Not my favourite character for dialogue and use abilities - she does get some nice spells, Iron Skins and Insect Swarm/Plague/Whatever. Insect Plague especially is a great way of dealing with mages, 100% spell casting failure to those affected.

Have Edwin or be a mage, there's no other way. Otherwise, yes, that's the best party.It would be lacking in healing spells if Viconia wasn't so damn good - she ends up with about 4 slots in level 6 Priest spells; meaning quite a few Heals :-) Get Korgan kitted out with everything decent you have and he becomes absolutely unstoppable, especially with the Crom Faeyr (put all his weapon thingies into Hammers) as he gets a stupidly good thac0 and with the armour, rings, cloak, etc, he becomes unhittable to anything below minor God level. That's my advice, anyway :-)

The Monk is the best class you can be, and he/she (a nun?) goes well with that party. You just have to play as a Monk to realise how good they are... especially when they become immune to normal weapons.

As for Edwin's hp, just make sure he has plenty of Stoneskins (level 4 spell) and mirror images (level 2?) and he'll never get hurt. Combine those two with a couple of Fireshields and he does more damage in meleé than your fighters :-) He will fight with Minsc, yes, but only after about 120 days, I think and you should finish it before then. If you don't want to risk it, get Valygar or maybe Keldorn (or maybe Anomen if you can stand him) instead of Minsc.

General tips are: never sell potions of extra healing, keep them all and use when the character's almost dead in combat - they heal 27 points and I always have 5 in each character's quickslot thingy. There are only two Rods of resurrection (very, very useful) in the game (AFAIK), so don't use all 10 charges, when you're down to your last charge, put it away, sell it and buy it back again. Wands of Cloudkill... an extremely cheap way of killing dragons but if your party is weak, the only way. You need at least two, just stand out of vision and fire away until death. Minsc gets +4 to all rolls against Vampires so if you kit him out right, he takes out whole legions of undead alone.

I'm actually resisting getting ToB until Christmas or maybe next summer... so I should be playing it by the end of the week - especially with eagle forcing me to play it. If I fail my A/S levels, it's all her fault ;-)

Ugh, I've gone into mad BG2 rant mode again. Sorry. Have fun, d0om and let me know here if you want to try the multiplayer... I looked at it once and it seemed unecessarily complicated but if you can figure it out (and my connection behaves) I'd like to try it :-)

WB FB... Send me a reply to my reply si tu plait :-) ngafrinkinghey.

I'm just going off to the Open Air Theatre in Regents Park so hope for good weather, (like now) everyone (in England) :-)

[ Iggles + 5:42 PM + link ]

Friday, September 07, 2001

It's scary when people decide to take me seriously...

[20:20] Session Ident: Togy (~Togy@Star6999.cableinet.co.uk)
[20:20] <Togy> "<Fat-Burrick> PM 4 HOT FUN"
[20:20] <Togy> yes i would like some "HOT FUN" please
[20:20] <Togy> >8)
[20:20] <Togy> :)
[20:20] <Fat-Burrick> £2 FOR FIRST HOUR £4.50 FOR SUBSEQUENT HOURS2
[20:20] <Togy> heh
[20:21] <Togy> erm, i have no idear
[20:21] <Togy> how about useing trifels in a HOT and FUN way
[20:21] <Fat-Burrick> this is costing you money
[20:21] <Togy> and it's very entertaining :P
[20:21] * Fat-Burrick juggles trifels
[20:21] * Togy blinks
[20:22] * Togy invites ringeh
[20:22] <Togy> :P
[20:22] <Fat-Burrick> did you expect more?
[20:22] <Togy> yeah!
[20:22] <Togy> :P
[20:22] <Fat-Burrick> like what?
[20:22] <Togy> i AM paying for this rember
[20:22] <Togy> slap people at random!
[20:22] <Fat-Burrick> then tell me what you want
[20:22] * Fat-Burrick slaps Togy
[20:22] * Fat-Burrick slaps Togy
[20:22] <Togy> not me
[20:22] <Fat-Burrick> youre the only person
[20:22] <Togy> in another room then
[20:23] * Togy wonders if this is going to go into a blog of some kind
[20:23] <Togy> m00 :P
[20:23] <Fat-Burrick> O_o
[20:24] <Fat-Burrick> its only going in a blog if its funny and incriminating, so either ask me to lapdance or this is staying private ;)
[20:24] <Togy> lol
[20:25] <Togy> well i am paying :)
[20:25] <Togy> go on then lapdance meh!
[20:25] <Togy> ;)
[20:25] * Togy preps the $1 bills
[20:25] <Fat-Burrick> I need the money first
[20:26] * Togy hands Fat-Burrick $1 + £4.50 for an extra two hours
[20:26] <Fat-Burrick> hmm
[20:26] <Togy> ?
[20:27] <Fat-Burrick> are you REALLY sure you want this lapdance?
[20:27] <Togy> yes
[20:27] <Togy> :P
[20:27] <Fat-Burrick> positive?
[20:27] <Togy> <--- laughing insainly :P
[20:27] <Togy> yes
[20:27] <Fat-Burrick> right well okay
[20:27] * Fat-Burrick lapdances for togy
[20:27] <Togy> w00w00
[20:28] * Togy throws a handfull of $1 bills at Fat-Burrick
[20:28] <Fat-Burrick> thanks honey
[20:29] <Fat-Burrick> ;)
[20:29] <Togy> swing it baby!
[20:29] <Togy> :P
[20:29] <Fat-Burrick> hey, thats an extra £5
[20:29] <Togy> gah
[20:29] <Togy> expensive arnt youy
[20:29] <Togy> -y
[20:30] * Togy hands over £5
[20:30] <Fat-Burrick> very
[20:30] * Togy looks at his remaining £400
[20:30] <Togy> >8)
[20:30] * Fat-Burrick swings it baby

Little does Togy know, I drugged him and sent him into a room with FireShadow, thinking he was me O:)

[ Fat Burrick + 8:49 PM + link ]

And hopefully I will get ADSL soon so we can play BG2 multiplayer..

Incidentally, best party for BG2 imnsho: Viconia (best Cleric), Korgan (best Fighter), Minsc, Jan (best Thief; is multiclass Thief/Mage so you also get some spells from him; don't bother with Yoshimo, he can't pick locks worth shit and you won't have him for long), Jaheira (she has some neat summons later in the game). If you weren't a Mage, I'd suggest Edwin, but since you are a Mage you don't need another one, and Edwin would end up dying more often than not as he has the HP of a weak kitten. :p Plus I've heard that if you have him and Minsc in the party they eventually fight and one of them dies, so it wouldn't be very convenient.

If you need to know where to find a character, just ask me, I'll be on this evening as usual.

[ sailoreagle + 10:21 AM + link ]

Thursday, September 06, 2001

Thanks sailor :)

Well. I got ADSL today... and Baldurs gate 2 + Throne of Bhaal...


[ Fat Burrick + 2:36 PM + link ]

Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Wubba burrick!!!

And no idling. This blog is too dead. Let's resurrect it.

/me tickles FB

[ sailoreagle + 8:30 PM + link ]

Ngahey! I ams backsies from the land of hospital...

oh well back to idling then ;)

[ Fat Burrick + 8:27 PM + link ]

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Awww... *pleading puppy eyes* Please? ;_;

And you're welcome.

[ sailoreagle + 12:08 PM + link ]

While it is true I'm back, I think I'm not gonna come one much for a while.

Thanks for keeping Iggles alive, eagle.

[ Iggles + 12:21 AM + link ]

Monday, September 03, 2001

True, true. We should liven it up a bit.


There. That should work. ;)

Oh, also:


[ sailoreagle + 8:28 PM + link ]

Saturday, September 01, 2001

I'm back, I sent off again, I came back :p This blog is so active :p

[ d0om + 2:59 PM + link ]