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Monday, April 30, 2001

Congrats d0om, you have a new stripe to play with :-)

And in the weakest linking ever, speaking of men, I'm a man and I'm leaving for a while so I'll see you all when I see you.

[ Iggles + 10:19 PM + link ]

Sheesh, men... ;p

<d0om> I am a sargent now :) I got teh promotion :)
<d0om> so now I have a whole platoon to command around
<Fat-Burrick> Ooh, do you get to use whips and sticks?
<d0om> well, if I wanted to I guess
<Fat-Burrick> "MAKE ME MY DINNER! *whip* A CUP OF TEA NUMBER 453 NOW! *whip*

[ sailoreagle + 8:34 PM + link ]

Sunday, April 29, 2001

S'eagle is back soon XD

[ d0om + 3:17 PM + link ]

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Right, since the burrick was apparently too lazy to post this even if he said he would, I'm posting it. :p

*** T|idle has joined #bluemoon
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o T|idle
*** Togy was kicked by T|idle (fack oaf)
*** T|idle was kicked by ChanServ (It's bad manners to kick people with higher access than you.)
<Fat-Burrick> lol
<Iggles> lol!
<sailoreagle> ...lol
*** T|idle has joined #bluemoon
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o T|idle
<T|idle> bad manners to kick myself, A!

[ sailoreagle + 10:47 PM + link ]

Fat Burrick is a lazy git. ;p

<Fat-Burrick> Lazy mode: wb Iggles
<Fat-Burrick> Lazy git mode: wb Iggs
<Fat-Burrick> Lazy git mode: wb Dave
<Fat-Burrick> Lazy git mode: wb Dave
<Fat-Burrick> Lazy git mode: wb Iggs
<Fat-Burrick> God I'm lazy :p
<d0om> lol
<sailoreagle> lol

[ sailoreagle + 9:25 PM + link ]

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

I like the new layout :)
And don't worrey, I won't touch any of the HTML template, that menacing mallett behind your back is enough of a deterrant :p

[ d0om + 7:47 PM + link ]

Hehehe, don't worry about me messing with the HTML template, I probably won't be able to find it if I wanted to :-)

And again, nice work on the page, though it seems to be getting viler each time I look at it :-)

[ Iggles + 12:49 AM + link ]

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

What happens when there's a split...

<FB|away> thats
<FB|away> interesting
<sailoreagle> whoa, what a split.
<FB|away> indeed.
*** FB|away is now known as Fat-Burrick
<Fat-Burrick> quick! Fiddle with the #thief controls a bit!
<sailoreagle> heh
* Shades grabs the opportunity and sets fire to the curtains

And when the people who split come back...

* sailoreagle dumps a bucket of water on the curtains, and one on Shades, for good measure
<Togy|P`o`M> wubba split ppl
<sailoreagle> LOL BURRICK
<BigDave> rofl
<Shades> bastard!
<sailoreagle> wb, people who split
<d0om> wb!
<Shades> i want my phone call
* Fat-Burrick hides from Shades
* Iggles iggles Shades
* Shades hires gorrillas to molest the burrick
* sailoreagle snickers
<sp4f> ........
* sp4f makes Fat-Burrick listen to Leonard Nimoy songs
* d0om zaps fatty with a bolt of Lawfull-Good powered judgement. "NOT TO BE MAKING FALSE ACCUSATIONS, ESPECIALLY AT SOMEONE WHO IS TRIGGER HAPPY"
<d0om> :p
<Shades> thank you d0om!
<sailoreagle> hehe

[ sailoreagle + 9:51 PM + link ]

I wouldn't dream of messing with anything.

*looks around*

What does this button do?


[ Fat Burrick + 8:21 PM + link ]

New layout. :) Like it, guys?
If you have any links to add to the column on the right, tell me, and I'll add them. (Please, do not mess with the HTML template yourselves.)

[ sailoreagle + 7:07 PM + link ]

Sunday, April 22, 2001

This I have to post. Everybody, join the Shades Cattle Prod Fan Club! O;p

<Shades> time for me to get to work
<Shades> show the brat whos boss
<Vigil> Damn, now he's good.
<sailoreagle> heh
<Vigil> Indeed, Shades :)
<Zantie> go Shades! ;)
<Jered> yay for shades!
<sailoreagle> we should start a Shades fanclub.
<sailoreagle> O;p
<Vigil> Nothing like the overly talented to inspire fits of hostile creativity! :)
<Zantie> lol
<Jered> lol
<Medlar> :)
<Jered> lets start the Shades Cattle Prod Fan Club!
<d0om> lol
<Jered> if his art isn't totally cool, we shock him with a cattle prod!
<Jered> thats what I call motivation!
<Zantie> then he breaks your neck, Jered ;)
<sailoreagle> lol
<Jered> well, yeah... but his art will be better
<sailoreagle> so youre willing to sacrifice yourself for him?
<Jered> hopefully.
<sailoreagle> how noble.
<sailoreagle> :p
<Jered> nah.
<Jered> i'll run away like a girl.
<Jered> but at least I'll get to shock him

[ sailoreagle + 10:01 PM + link ]

LOL! Burrick, you're really really evil... not that I mind >:)

d0om, I think Faramir was Boromir's brother... I don't really remember though ^^; It's been a while since I last read that book... that, and I only tend to remember characters I like. ^^;

[ sailoreagle + 4:23 PM + link ]

I am apprantly most like Faramir on the Lord of the Rings selector

who was he again?

[ d0om + 2:18 PM + link ]

Which anime female character would be your ideal parter?

# 1 Amy (Sailormoon)
# 2 Fuu (MK Rayearth)
# 3 Sora (Digimon)
# 4 Belldandy (Oh my Goddess)
# 5 Hikaru (MK Rayearth)

well, I've heard of one of those, no sailoreagle in the selctor though, I think its defunct ;)

[ d0om + 2:15 PM + link ]

I love Mexicans who are really dumb. :)

<kipo> Hi am looking foer theifs, i saw you on #theirf can u help?????
<Fat-Burrick> Yeah, i'll try, what do you need to know?
<kipo> OK
<Fat-Burrick> ...what would you like to know?
<Fat-Burrick> well?
<kipo> yestredy i was trying to "hack" intop USA mint
<Fat-Burrick> ...
<kipo> but i could noyt do it, how do i "HACK"????????????????

Yes, I am evil, but It was just to funny to pass up... >:)

<Fat-Burrick> do you have the X42 hackstore decryption nodule fitted to your Laptop?
<kipo> i donotn now, what deos it look like????
<Fat-Burrick> Well it sort of looks like a banana, but it isn't yellow.

10 minutes pass

<kipo> OK yes i think i found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Fat-Burrick> you did? good, now pull it out.
<kipo> ok
<kipo> its stukc
<Fat-Burrick> Pull harder.
<kipo> ok, here goes. what do i do after i pull it otu?????
*** kipo (kipo@***.***.27.078) Quit (Client Exited)
<Fat-Burrick> LOL!, erm.... oops
* Fat-Burrick runs to the blog

(Maybe that was his modem connection i have no idea... O:))

[ Fat Burrick + 11:46 AM + link ]

Saturday, April 21, 2001

Please note, Iggles, this does not mean that it's alright to turn into Femmiggles.

<D`JK> ooh, the thought of Femmiggles brings Digi round ;)
<Digital`Nightfall> yeah baby... ;)
<BigDave> LOL!
<sailoreagle> LOL!
<Digital`Nightfall> she's a hottie... ;)
<Digital`Nightfall> too young for me though... ;)
<BigDave> rooooooooooofl
<Digital`Nightfall> I try to stay above 18
<Digital`Nightfall> ;)
<D`JK> darn ;)
* sailoreagle falls over laughing
<BigDave> "...try..." :p

[ sailoreagle + 10:56 PM + link ]

Typos are bad...

*** Togy is now known as Togy|bust
*** Togy|bust is now known as Togy|busy
<Fat-Burrick> LOL
<sarge> lol
<sailoreagle> LOL
<sailoreagle> that was an interesting nick change.
<sarge> :>
<Fat-Burrick> you can say that again
<sp4f> ...
<sarge> Togy as bad as iggles ;)
<sailoreagle> <sailoreagle> that was an interesting nick change.
<sailoreagle> O:)
<BigDave> lol
<Fat-Burrick> Just a quick fondle, eh Togy? ;)
<sailoreagle> lol
<BigDave> hehe
<sarge> :>
<Lord_Sneaksie> If only MrDuck was here...
<sarge> lol
<Fat-Burrick> hehe, Dave, MrDuck :)
<sailoreagle> lol
<BigDave> hehehe
<Togy|busy> quiet
<LesserFollies> bust bust bust
<sailoreagle> lol
* Togy|busy lob's Togy edition dictonarys at everyone
<Lord_Sneaksie> At least it didn't do Togy|Busty
<sailoreagle> LOL!
<Fat-Burrick> ROFL
<sarge> :->
<Togy|busy> BAH!
<LesserFollies> :D

[ sailoreagle + 8:43 PM + link ]

well, it only took 10 mins. And I'm very good at procrastinating, you should know that by now ;)

[ d0om + 4:32 PM + link ]

LOL, yes, it worked.

/me thwacks d0om You have way too much free time on your hands, dear. ;p

[ sailoreagle + 3:55 PM + link ]

ah, thats it I remember now :)
Go here for #sailoreagle stats!
Did that work? O:)

[ d0om + 3:15 PM + link ]

[HTML teacher] To make links open in a new window, you have to put target=_blank in the <a> tag. [/HTML teacher]

Try not to forget it again, dear. ;p

[ sailoreagle + 2:10 PM + link ]

heh, I don't mind, that banner was getting on my nerves as well, I was going to kill it anyway :)

and I would have made it open in a new window...but...I..errr...kinda forgot the code O:)

[ d0om + 1:21 PM + link ]

d0om, I edited your post to make the link open in a new window. I also got rid of the linking banner, it was hurting my eyes... sorry. ^^;;

As for my results, they're here.

[ sailoreagle + 1:14 PM + link ]

Need to be unique: 52%
Need to NOT conform: 26%
Willingness to express dissent: 67%
Overall: 45%

I don't NEED to not conform, I just willfully express dissent >:)

[ d0om + 10:44 AM + link ]

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Discussing typos...

<d0om> heh, she's ALWAYS nice, she just has a hard tiem whoing it somethimes ;)
<sailoreagle> "whoing"?
<d0om> showing!
<Iggles> lol
* d0om hits his keyboard
<Iggles> lol!
<d0om> cusre you you uself heap of plastic abns silicna!
<sailoreagle> LOL
<d0om> *ahem*
<Fat-Burrick> wooing?
<Iggles> that reminds me of the most unfortunate typo I did for some reason..
<sailoreagle> the mother of all typos?
<Iggles> it wasn't the worst typo but it was the funniest :)
<Fat-Burrick> Ponk :)
<Iggles> no, not that one..
<Iggles> lol, not that either
<Fat-Burrick> well?
<Iggles> I was talking with Hanse and after she said something, I replied
<Iggles> <Iggles> you have a lot of bust there
<d0om> lol
<sailoreagle> lol
<Iggles> I meant to say buts :)
<Fat-Burrick> lol
<Fat-Burrick> LO!L
<Fat-Burrick> ah crap
<sailoreagle> LOL
<Fat-Burrick> stop talking about typos
<sailoreagle> thats the first time Ive seen someone misspell "lol"
<Iggles> hehe
<d0om> no its not, dear and you know it
<d0om> you mispelt it
<sailoreagle> who, me? O:)
<d0om> uh-huh, I don't see any other goddesses in this room ;)
<sailoreagle> hehe
<sailoreagle> at least I dont misspell it as "loo".
<d0om> heh
<Fat-Burrick> loo
<Fat-Burrick> fuck.
<sailoreagle> LOL

[ sailoreagle + 9:35 PM + link ]

No he shouldn't! then we won't have any fun quotes! ;)

[ d0om + 7:57 PM + link ]

Heh. You should watch what you say, burrick.

[ sailoreagle + 12:21 PM + link ]

1 Day back and i've already made an ass of myself 4 times.

Not fair.

[ Fat Burrick + 12:11 PM + link ]

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

<Fat-Burrick> hmm
<Fat-Burrick> I think my TV has died
<Iggles> OH TEH NO!
<Fat-Burrick> The grass in the picture is Purple
<sailoreagle> lol
<Fat-Burrick> Gary Neville looks sort of cute though this way
<Fat-Burrick> ....
<Fat-Burrick> I said that out loud ohshitohshitohshit

[ sailoreagle + 9:02 PM + link ]

Iggles has been forgetting stuff... the burrick wonders why.

<Fat-Burrick> Iggles, were you like, abducted by aliens or something and landed on your head when they dropped you off and now you cant remember anything before friday the 7th of April?

[ sailoreagle + 8:27 PM + link ]

The Pringles accident!

<Fat-Burrick> OW
<Fat-Burrick> Damn pringles!
* sailoreagle gets ready to paste the Pringles thing on the blog
<sailoreagle> what happened, burrick? O:)
<Fat-Burrick> I was just eating my pringles all innocent like
<Fat-Burrick> When the fucker decided to break in my mouth and spike my gum
<Fat-Burrick> OW i'm BLEEDING

And the followup...

<Fat-Burrick> Bad stuff just HAPPENS to me ALL the time
<Fat-Burrick> Like the phone card thing! and the Pringles!
<Fat-Burrick> I cant help them!
<sailoreagle> lol
<Fat-Burrick> I KNOW!
<d0om> lol
<Fat-Burrick> I'll stop putting things in my mouth!
<Fat-Burrick> That us- wait.
<sailoreagle> lol
<Fat-Burrick> no i cant tdo that
<Fat-Burrick> Because i'll die probably
<sailoreagle> heh
<d0om> lol
<Fat-Burrick> But at least i wont look like a complete ass
<Iggles> er, what happened with pringles? :)
<sailoreagle> werent you paying attention in #thief?
<Iggles> er, doesn't appear so, eh :)
<Fat-Burrick> Ripped my head (read; gum) OPEN!
<Iggles> waitaminute
<Iggles> how can a pringle make you bleed?
<Iggles> that's just.. stupid!
<Fat-Burrick> It fucking did, okay?
<Iggles> no, it isn't.
<Fat-Burrick> why the hell not?
<d0om> well, maybe it was a member of the PLFE?
* Fat-Burrick attacks Iggles with a Pringles Shard
<d0om> Pringles League For Equality
<Iggles> Pringles liberation
<Iggles> hmm
<d0om> fighting back!
<sailoreagle> lol
<Iggles> mine was going to be better ;)
<Iggles> Pringles liberation...
<Iggles> force
<Fat-Burrick> ...of Fat eating
<Iggles> (for)
<Iggles> equality!

[ sailoreagle + 8:14 PM + link ]

Iggles is just so cute when he tries to look fearsome... ;)

* Iggles growls (at sailoreagle)
<d0om> awwwww! cuute Iggly wiggly!
<sailoreagle> aww, cute growling Iggles
<d0om> ;)
* sailoreagle pats Iggles on the head
<Fat-Burrick> Chibi Iggs!
<Iggles> !
<sailoreagle> nothing cuter than wrathful Iggles.
<sailoreagle> O;)
* Fat-Burrick petpets da ickle Iggles
<d0om> lol
* Iggles growls (fearsomely)
<sp4f> hehe
<sailoreagle> awww, how cuuuuuute!
<Madge> heh
<sp4f> Chibi Iggles is so kawaii
<sp4f> or something
<Nide-werkin> Iggles is kinda cute when he's growling
<sailoreagle> extremely cute.
<Iggles> not you as well..
<Nide-werkin> (;
* Iggles growls (at the non conformist smilie girl)
<sailoreagle> cuuuuuute!
* sp4f rubs Chibi Iggles on the head
<sp4f> kawaii
<Iggles> *ROAR*
<d0om> awwww
* Nide-werkin pinches Igglesies cheeks
<Fat-Burrick> Pardon you Iggles
<sailoreagle> very cute.
* Madge pinches iggles's cheek "snugums"
<Madge> :p
<Fat-Burrick> he loves the attention really.
<Madge> damn nide beat me to the cheek pinching
<Nide-werkin> hehe
<Nide-werkin> well isn't Iggles the most ADORABLE thing (:
<Madge> lol
<Iggles> well, yeah ;)
<sp4f> hmmm I am inspired for drawing now
<Madge> hehehe
<sp4f> Chibi Iggles shall live
<Madge> i say LOG + TTLG = funny :p
<sp4f> or something
<sp4f> if I could draw
<Nide-werkin> hehe

[ sailoreagle + 8:04 PM + link ]

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Oh goody, more embarassing burrick quotes to post soon... O:)

[ sailoreagle + 8:54 PM + link ]

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

Unfortunatly for some O:)

[ Fat Burrick + 8:50 PM + link ]

Monday, April 16, 2001

/me dances the Happy Dance Of Joy(TM)
I'm back I'm back I'm back I'm back... :D

[ sailoreagle + 5:14 PM + link ]

W00t! S'eagle should be back in a few hours :D

[ d0om + 1:50 PM + link ]

Saturday, April 14, 2001

Happy Easter All! :)
See you Tomorrow S'eagle XD

[ d0om + 12:42 PM + link ]

/me grins
I doubt glue would be enough. ;p

(No, I'm not back home yet, I'm just taking advantage of the computer of one of my dad's colleagues while he talks about work. :p)

[ sailoreagle + 10:16 AM + link ]

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

It is? doh! :)

could you pass the glue?

[ d0om + 7:25 PM + link ]

*laughs* Your halo is falling off again, d0om. ;)

[ sailoreagle + 6:49 PM + link ]

Bye Fatty! (he's off to cornwall for a week) We'll try to keep ourselves amused in your absence O:)

[ d0om + 10:27 AM + link ]

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

In case we needed any further proof that FB is weird... ;)

<Fat-Burrick> I need my protein!
<Fat-Burrick> And i hear lipstick is full of that
<Fat-Burrick> or is that fish?
<sailoreagle> lol
* Fat-Burrick puts the encyclopedia down
<Fat-Burrick> It's fish.
<sailoreagle> hehehe
<Fat-Burrick> sorry about that
<d0om> heh :)
* Fat-Burrick slaps Fat-Burrick around a bit with a large trout
<Fat-Burrick> YES
* Fat-Burrick slaps Fat-Burrick around a bit with a large trout
<sailoreagle> lol
* Fat-Burrick slaps Fat-Burrick around a bit with a large trout
<d0om> lol

[ sailoreagle + 10:27 PM + link ]

<Fat-Burrick> AGH!
<sailoreagle> LOL
<Fat-Burrick> ow ow OW
<d0om> erm?
<d0om> how exactly did it get there?
<Fat-Burrick> it flew :p
<sailoreagle> lol
<d0om> lol
* sailoreagle runs to the blog to post this
<Fat-Burrick> god it tastes horrible
<d0om> heh :)
<Fat-Burrick> :rooleyes:
<Fat-Burrick> fs
* Fat-Burrick eats his keyboard
<sailoreagle> eek, FB has turned into Nedan!
<d0om> lol

[ sailoreagle + 9:17 PM + link ]

Sunday, April 08, 2001

Aw, Iggles, I know. I do pick on you a tad too often. :)

[ sailoreagle + 11:30 AM + link ]

Saturday, April 07, 2001

What's that? Connection problems? Forgive me while I don't cry myself to sleep ;-)

And I'm sorry for being mean to ya, eagle.. but you are often enough to me, afterall..

[ Iggles + 10:59 PM + link ]

<Fat-Burrick> I can't spell.
<Fat-Burrick> www,kicie.net
<sailoreagle> LOL
<Fat-Burrick> www.kicie.ent
<Fat-Burrick> www.kcie.net
<sailoreagle> typing slower might help, burrick ;)
<Fat-Burrick> I finnaly got the right one
<Fat-Burrick> I can't help it
<Fat-Burrick> well, i can
* Fat-Burrick casts haste on himself
<Fat-Burrick> oh shit
<sailoreagle> lol
<Fat-Burrick> niow look what ibe. done
<Fat-Burrick> eek
<Fat-Burrick> what to do ids mebnt
<sailoreagle> LOL
* Fat-Burrick casts slow on himself

[ sailoreagle + 5:03 PM + link ]

FB has connection problems...

<Fat-Burrick> gah
<Fat-Burrick> splag
<Fat-Burrick> screeg
<Fat-Burrick> ngah
<Fat-Burrick> *hits the internet*
* sailoreagle raises an eyebrow
<sailoreagle> still having problems?
<Fat-Burrick> yes.
<Fat-Burrick> dammit yes.
<sailoreagle> aw.
* sailoreagle kicks FB's internet
<sailoreagle> work damn you!
<Fat-Burrick> dont hurt it too much
<Fat-Burrick> it might die
<Fat-Burrick> and then i will have to kill myself
<sailoreagle> aww
<Fat-Burrick> maybe
<Fat-Burrick> if we scare it, it might work
* Fat-Burrick puts on a horror mask and grabs a chainsaw
<sailoreagle> LOL
<sailoreagle> oh this is so going on the blog.
<Fat-Burrick> you mightas well seeing as I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE IT
<sailoreagle> aw, don't be so negative.
<Fat-Burrick> My middle name is negative
<Fat-Burrick> well, it's actually Peter, but that doesn't matter right now.
<sailoreagle> hehe
<Fat-Burrick> nnnnoooooooooooooo!!
<Fat-Burrick> The ebil 403 daemon spawn of satan has got planetarion too! *cries*

[ sailoreagle + 4:46 PM + link ]

Wednesday, April 04, 2001

my connection is back up! :)

[ d0om + 9:08 PM + link ]

Oh well, at least I have a stable connection and I don't fall off IRC every five minutes. O:)


[ sailoreagle + 8:46 AM + link ]

Tuesday, April 03, 2001

/me cries
Iggles, that was mean. :(

[ sailoreagle + 10:11 PM + link ]

Yes, but you get to stay up longer than we do.. What's that you say? Oh, sorry..


[ Iggles + 10:00 PM + link ]