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Saturday, March 31, 2001

/me cries
Not fair, you all get longer holidays than me... :(

[ sailoreagle + 8:17 PM + link ]

Oops! I broke the blog!

Fixed it now :)

[ d0om + 5:10 PM + link ]

2 official weeks but as my dad is off to Portugal to play golf (grrrr) I get three weeks :-)

(please don't hurt me again, eagle ;-)

[ Iggles + 5:02 PM + link ]

Erm... I didn't do it.

[ Fat Burrick + 3:31 PM + link ]

*grumbles under her breath* Onlyoneweekofholiday, damnitdamnitdamnit...

[ sailoreagle + 1:09 PM + link ]

Friday, March 30, 2001

w00t! term is over!
holidays for 3 weeks!
w00t! :)
My cat

[ d0om + 8:48 PM + link ]

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Lol, you guys are nuts. :D

[ sailoreagle + 6:52 PM + link ]

Hurry up and get here sailor.

* Fat-Burrick pounces d0om!
<d0om> eep!
<d0om> getof! :)
<d0om> You suffering from SE deprivation syndrome or something? ;)
<Fat-Burrick> yes
* Fat-Burrick needs to be hit with large mallet shaped objects soon or he will die
* d0om wonders when that clone will get here ;)
<Fat-Burrick> lol
* d0om hits Fatty over the head with a large mallet
<Fat-Burrick> nah, i scrapped that project
<Fat-Burrick> I couldn't force myself to add clothes to it
<Fat-Burrick> ;)
<d0om> lol
<d0om> kicie.net/realm/pictures/animesgrp.jpg
<d0om> go and look at this pic of "Sailor's" until she gets here then ;)
<Fat-Burrick> what a good idea *drool*

[ Fat Burrick + 6:41 PM + link ]

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Yeah, she seems a real whiz with them; that's a pretty fair description of something that's happening now, and IIRC, what was happening the last times I had the dream..

[ Iggles + 7:02 PM + link ]

Remind me to ask Moonsilk what a dream means next time I remember one.

d0om, you probably do dream a lot. You just don't remember your dreams. :)

[ sailoreagle + 11:16 AM + link ]

Monday, March 26, 2001

According to Moonsilk, it means that I have taken on new responsibilities but lack the independance to go with the responsibility. It also means that I fear the said independance.

[ Iggles + 8:49 PM + link ]

bah! I hardly ever dream, but at least that menas I hardly ever have nightmares as well :)

[ d0om + 5:16 PM + link ]

Saturday, March 24, 2001

Aww, poor little Iggles, scarred for life ;)

That nightmare of yours sure is weird.
I rarely have nightmares, but when I do, they're terrifying. I never remember the details though. For some weird reason, I can only remember good dreams in detail.

[ sailoreagle + 7:13 PM + link ]

Physical pain? No.. Mental anguish? I'm scarred for life ;-)

A nightmare I have..

I’m playing tennis and there is no sound except for a dull thud when the ball is hit. All the colours are a muted, sickly shade of green. Somehow the ball gets larger and slower as the game goes on. As the ball gets larger I open my mouth, as if to scream, but no sound comes out. There’s a bad…feeling in my throat – as if there’s something in it that’s getting larger along with the tennis ball. The ball reaches the size of an armchair but still I hit it back and forth over the net and still the same dull thud as it is hit.
It’s terrifying but I have no idea why; just that the continuous growing of the ball and of the feeling in my throat. I’ve had that dream 3 times now and it still scares me.

[ Iggles + 4:19 PM + link ]

*** Topic is 'Alright then, let's confiscate it. All of it. And I want you on the next transport off this rock or I'm gonna shoot you where it don't grow back.'
<d0om> whats with the topic S'eagle?
<sailoreagle> O:)
<sailoreagle> nothing
<Fat-Burrick> i already told you, she just really likes MIB
<Fat-Burrick> mmm Will Smith h_h
<sailoreagle> oh, shush, burrick, you're just as bad as me
<sailoreagle> lol
<Fat-Burrick> erm
<d0om> lol
<d0om> fatty!! you like Will Smith in that way!!!
<d0om> *shock*
<d0om> ;)
<Fat-Burrick> erm!
<sailoreagle> lol
<Fat-Burrick> TYPE /CLEAR NOW!!!!

[ sailoreagle + 1:51 PM + link ]

Sound quite intersting book. I'll see if I can find a copy somewhere.
hero thing is fun :)

[ d0om + 1:50 PM + link ]

Friday, March 23, 2001

Aw, I didn't hurt you that much, did I? ;)

[ sailoreagle + 8:14 PM + link ]

Hey! I asked you not to hurt me :-(

;-) Anyway, Factotum is a book about a man in America during WW2 who bums around, doing small jobs that he gets sacked from, drinking and generally being a bum. It;s pretty interesting and I'd recommend it.

[ Iggles + 7:49 PM + link ]

/me smacks Iggles and starts gathering pictures for that smiley guide

Never read Factotum either... what is it about?

Burrick, you still can't find that book? Maybe it's time to tidy your room ;)

[ sailoreagle + 10:55 AM + link ]

Thursday, March 22, 2001

Hmm... never read that. I did however finish reading the Speckled Band today. And i cant find my fourth Harry Potter book!!! *cries*

[ Fat Burrick + 6:52 PM + link ]

"Does it make sense?"

Well, I have to say no. Please don't hurt me ;-)

I just finished reading `Factotum`, has anyone read it? It was a pretty weird book :-)

[ Iggles + 4:26 PM + link ]

Monday, March 19, 2001

It's like the :D smiley, but more "happy happy joy joy". Does it make sense? :p

I should really make an illustrated guide to peculiar smileys sometime...

[ sailoreagle + 9:28 AM + link ]

Sunday, March 18, 2001

Hmm, could I ask what `XD` means, please? :-)

[ Iggles + 11:16 PM + link ]

Saturday, March 17, 2001

Me and d0om pratting around as usual... :)

<sailoreagle`clone> *reference to anime*
* d0om ties sailoreagle`clone up and whacks her senceless with a herring
<d0om> ;)
<sailoreagle`clone> eek
<sailoreagle`clone> now d0om you know that wasn't nice
<d0om> wheeee¬
<d0om> :)
* sailoreagle`clone shackles d0om to the wall
<Fat-Burrick> uh-oh
<d0om> ¬¬ is what she should say
<d0om> your clone is defective!
<sailoreagle`clone> >:)
* Fat-Burrick makes some adjustments
<sailoreagle`clone> *bzzt*
<sailoreagle`clone> ¬¬
<d0om> heh :)
<Fat-Burrick> there we go
<sailoreagle`clone> now d0om you know that wasn't nice ¬¬
<Fat-Burrick> perfect
<d0om> heh!
<Fat-Burrick> Now i just need to add some clothes to it!
<d0om> lol

[ Fat Burrick + 2:52 PM + link ]

Friday, March 16, 2001

FB, you pervert! ;)

<Fat-Burrick> Are you doing Comic Relief in Italy?
* sailoreagle blinks
<sailoreagle> Comic Relief?
<Fat-Burrick> i thought not
<Fat-Burrick> It's where loads of comedians get together and stuff and the whole of England Raises money for charities
<sailoreagle> oh
<Fat-Burrick> I gave 20 pence today!
<Fat-Burrick> To watch a dance production at school
<Fat-Burrick> And the best bit was
<Fat-Burrick> It was all women dancers
<Fat-Burrick> (best 20 pence i've spent in my life :O)

[ sailoreagle + 8:21 PM + link ]

Thursday, March 15, 2001

* FB|away screws a door handle
* sailoreagle blinks
<sailoreagle> er.
<sailoreagle> okay.
<d0om|work> erm?
* sailoreagle makes a mental note to get her mind out of the gutter.
<d0om|work> if thats what floats your boat fatty....
<d0om|work> ;)
<sailoreagle> heh
<FB|away> I'm away playing games with Noid ;)
<d0om|work> ah
<FB|away> oh, hush i know what you're thinking
<d0om|work> what game involes door handles?
<FB|away> it doesn't
<FB|away> I just screwed a random object in the room
<FB|away> be glad it wasn't you
<sailoreagle> ...
<d0om|work> right....
* d0om|work hides behind S'eagle
<FB|away> Gutter brains...
<d0om|work> yep :)
<d0om|work> ;)

[ sailoreagle + 10:01 PM + link ]

Hey, it's your fault. You three have your mind permanently in the gutter (especially you, d0om), you're having a bad influence on me. O;)

[ sailoreagle + 9:17 PM + link ]

sailoreagle at her most witty (or naughty ;)

* Miss`Scully wanders off to play with...um...uh...her cell phone. O;)
<sailoreagle> is it the vibrating kind of cell phone? O;)

d0om starts running ;)

[ d0om + 9:06 PM + link ]

* d0om gives Fat-Burrick a mug of coco
* d0om gives a rose to sailoreagle @-)--)-----
* d0om slaps Fat-Burrick around with an anti-electron neutrino
* d0om uses the power of a charm quark to charm sailoreagle to do his bidding
* d0om is 100% non-biased ;)
<Fat-Burrick> Ooh.... If i had breasts....
<sailoreagle> rofl
<sailoreagle> oh, that is so going to end up on the blog
<d0om> bah, still won't work fatty
<Fat-Burrick> hehe
<d0om> you don't see me giving lesserfollies roses do you? ;) and I think she has breasts
<sailoreagle> lol
<Fat-Burrick> oh, she has breasts ;)
<sailoreagle> and I'm sure you know very well?
<Fat-Burrick> well... :)
<sailoreagle> (be carefull with what you say, this is ending up on the blog ;)
<d0om> can you draw a contour map from memory? ;)
<Fat-Burrick> um
<d0om> heh :)
<Fat-Burrick> TYPE /CLEAR NOW!!!!!!!
<d0om> erm /clear
<d0om> ?
<Fat-Burrick> doh
* sailoreagle grins
<d0om> oops! /clear NOW!!!!!
<d0om> there :)
* Fat-Burrick slaps d0om around a bit with FB's Amazing Gravity-defying Can of Fanta(TM)
* Fat-Burrick slaps d0om around a bit with a large trout
* Fat-Burrick slaps d0om around a bit with FB's Amazing Gravity-defying Can of Fanta(TM)

[ sailoreagle + 7:48 PM + link ]

No, we're not addicted, we're not addicted at all... O:)

*** BigDave has joined #bluemoon
*** Fat-Burrick has joined #bluemoon
*** d0om has joined #bluemoon
<BigDave> hmm... you just KNOW when its 6pm in the UK O:)
<Fat-Burrick> lol
<sailoreagle> lol
<sailoreagle> true
<d0om> heh :)
* d0om has 24hour access now, but 6pm is still a habit!
<d0om> It gets to 6pm and by brain goes "#thief....NOW!"

[ sailoreagle + 5:55 PM + link ]

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

hey! :)
ah well, its all in good jest :)

[ d0om + 11:10 PM + link ]

d0om should get some... 'help'..

<d0om> S'eagle - I couldn;t!
<sailoreagle> why not?
<Iggles> ............
<Iggles> OH NO!!
<sailoreagle> rofl
<Fat-Burrick> rofl
<d0om> you wish eh Iggles? ;)
<Iggles> wait a minute..
<Iggles> why would I wish d0om was impotent?
<d0om> I don't know, but it sounded a good thing to say at the time :)
<Fat-Burrick> because you si want to have fag0ty cybresex1122323 with him!!!!!!!!1111
<sailoreagle> rofl
<Iggles> no, this still doesn't make sense..
<Fat-Burrick> sex never makes sense, Iggs ;)
<Iggles> FB..
<Iggles> if I wanted to have
<Iggles> fag0ty cybresex1122323 with him!!!!!!!!1111
<Iggles> why would I wish him to be impotent?
<sailoreagle> rofl, guys, do you want this to end up on the blog? ;D
<d0om> no!
* sailoreagle grins
<Iggles> yeah, go on :)
<Fat-Burrick> I'm not going to answer that before 9 o clock :)

[ Iggles + 9:22 PM + link ]

Monday, March 12, 2001

<Fat-Burrick> 7 days and it's my 1 year birthday
<Fat-Burrick> :D
<sailoreagle> on the forums?
<Fat-Burrick> yup
<sailoreagle> so, what are you going to do? a big party? ;)
<Fat-Burrick> Get drunk and impregnate a sheep probably
<Fat-Burrick> uhm
<Fat-Burrick> TYPE /CLEAR NOW!!!!!!!!

[ sailoreagle + 7:47 PM + link ]

Sunday, March 11, 2001

The mother of all typos!

<Iggles> due to your incessant smacks, I lack the intelligence wot do my worl. Please can you do it for me? :)
<Iggles> wot do my worl. ???!?!?!?!?!!?
<Iggles> to do my work
<d0om> lol
<Iggles> my god, the mother of all typos :)
<sailoreagle> lol
<Iggles> wot do my worl. !!
<d0om> lol
<sailoreagle> lol
<Iggles> where in the name of Haribo did that come from!
<d0om> your fingers?
<sailoreagle> hehe

[ sailoreagle + 2:50 PM + link ]

50% 'aint too bad...

[ Fat Burrick + 2:42 PM + link ]

69.5%. (Hey, I'm not that obsessed! :p)

[ sailoreagle + 1:35 PM + link ]

that anime testy thingy:

"Your score is: 15.5%

You are a Newbie!"

what did you get S'eagle? 100%? ;)

[ d0om + 1:11 PM + link ]

Heh... well, Iggs, if you want your real name on this blog, I can edit that again. ;)

re the anime purity test... 5%? Why am I not surprised? ;)

[ sailoreagle + 11:21 AM + link ]

Hmm, I didn't know my name there was `Iggles` :-)

re the Animé purity test..

"Your score is: 5%

You are a Newbie!"


[ Iggles + 12:12 AM + link ]

Saturday, March 10, 2001

<harry> r u a girl??

Hmmm, who could this be...

harry is ~matthew-4@ * Iggles
harry using BocaRaton.FL.US.StarChat.Net Hurricane Target Fragblast.com
harry has been idle 2secs, signed on Sat Mar 10 23:18:06
harry End of /WHOIS list.

/me grins

<sailoreagle> I am now... but I was a guy before
<harry> whoa
<harry> y u change?
<sailoreagle> because I didn't like being a guy
<harry> y not??
<sailoreagle> because guys are ugly and stupid.
<harry> wot?
<harry> thats not nice
<sailoreagle> so?
<harry> nevr mind
<harry> where do u live?
<sailoreagle> Japan
<harry> whoa
<harry> so do i
<sailoreagle> really?
<harry> yes
<harry> where r u
<harry> ur street
<sailoreagle> I'm not going to tell that to a guy I just met.
<harry> y not??
<sailoreagle> because I don't want to.
<harry> oh
<harry> u said u didnt like men r u a lesbo??
<sailoreagle> I prefer the term "homosexual".
<harry> Are you a lesbian Vampire? From the Lesbos Vampyros?
<sailoreagle> yes
<sailoreagle> are you a transvestite?
* harry grins
* sailoreagle grins back
<harry> do /whois harry, go on :)
* sailoreagle grins
<sailoreagle> I know it's you
<sailoreagle> I /whois everyone who PM's me
<sailoreagle> as a rule
<harry> do you now?
<sailoreagle> yes
<sailoreagle> Iggles
<sailoreagle> >:)
<sailoreagle> it was fun. >:)
<harry> you didn't say, not have a clue until I mentioned the lesbian vampires? O:)
<sailoreagle> no, I knew
<harry> I hate to say I don't believe you.. >:)
<sailoreagle> you never believe me...
* sailoreagle sniffles
<harry> aww
* harry hugs sailoreagle
* sailoreagle hugs harry
<harry> hehehe
<harry> do you often hug people you just met? :)
<sailoreagle> so should I put this on the blog?
<sailoreagle> oh, very often. :)
<harry> damn right you should :)

[ sailoreagle + 10:21 PM + link ]

We also get weird sometimes... (well, you guys, at least. ;)

<d0om> eep! S'eagle! save me from the ebil Queen Zantie (but don't touch her panties or I'll be forced to arrest you :P)

[ sailoreagle + 9:51 PM + link ]

Well, we get bored sometimes...

<Fat-Burrick> D100
<d0om> 99 was rolled by Fat-Burrick
<sailoreagle> D100
<d0om> 27 was rolled by sailoreagle
<sailoreagle> D100
<Fat-Burrick> 99 w00t!
<d0om> 42 was rolled by sailoreagle
<sailoreagle> you lucky burrick. :p
<sailoreagle> D100
<d0om> 30 was rolled by sailoreagle
<Fat-Burrick> hehe :)
* sailoreagle grins
<Fat-Burrick> D100
<d0om> 1 was rolled by Fat-Burrick
<Fat-Burrick> DOH!
<sailoreagle> haha!

[ Fat Burrick + 4:21 PM + link ]

WHAT! Idiot shot the tyres on my VAN?!

[ Fat Burrick + 2:30 PM + link ]

bah! I missed all the fun yesterday! :(

[ d0om + 9:01 AM + link ]

Friday, March 09, 2001

Gah! Two in one night! how can you be so cruel?

[ Fat Burrick + 11:28 PM + link ]

(And yes, burrick, you should watch what you say if you don't want amusing quotes to end up on here. ;)

[ sailoreagle + 9:39 PM + link ]

<sp4f> FB raped meh Bonobo
<Fat-Burrick> It's true
<Fat-Burrick> uh
<Fat-Burrick> TYPE /CLEAR NOW!!!!!!

[ sailoreagle + 9:36 PM + link ]

<Fat-Burrick> You can just see Iggles trying to access my site...
<Iggles> you can? :)
<Fat-Burrick> I have cameras in your bedroom Iggles
<Fat-Burrick> TYPE /CLEAR NOW!!!!!
<Iggles> you do??
<Iggles> you've been spying on me; both of you??
<Fat-Burrick> you never saw that
<Iggles> !
<sailoreagle> lol
<Fat-Burrick> annnnnyway

[ sailoreagle + 7:58 PM + link ]

Stop being so damn good sailor! And link my website too!

[ Fat Burrick + 7:01 PM + link ]

Ok, it's done. So, how do you like the new layout? *grins*

[ sailoreagle + 6:33 PM + link ]


[ sailoreagle + 6:24 PM + link ]

w00t! new layout soon! :)

(my chemistry lesson was cancelled due to lazy teacher :)

[ d0om + 2:10 PM + link ]

Me, a teacher? Never. :p

(Another tip: the "post" button simply posts a message to the blog, while the "post & publish" button also posts the post to the webpage.)

The layout's almost ready, all I need is to code the actual HTML and then upload it.

[ sailoreagle + 1:47 PM + link ]

Thursday, March 08, 2001

sailoreagle is a teacher! Run!!


Thanks for the tip..

[ Iggles + 10:53 PM + link ]

/me edits Iggles' post

I suppose you're using that thingy to put an URL directly in the blog (BlogThis, I think it's called)? It's not that simple. First off, you have to put something between the <a href=blah> and the </a> tags; secondly, BlogThis doesn't put target=_blank in the tag, and we want it in because we want links to open in new windows.

HTML lesson of the day is over... class dismissed. ;)

[ sailoreagle + 9:41 PM + link ]


Hmm, if this works, then the easy way of putting in links is just to click the hyperlink button..:-)

[ Iggles + 8:35 PM + link ]

Burrick, do you want this blog to stay on blogspot with this sucky layout, or do you want it to be moved to my fast, ad-less server, with a decent-looking layout?
Thought so. ;)
(I've never tried Theme Park World, but I had a period of addiction to Roller Coaster Tycoon... :p)

d0om, you can always skip classes. ;)

[ sailoreagle + 7:36 PM + link ]

w00t! a new layout!
(I still have school though! bah!)
You luckly mallet weilding girl you! :P

[ d0om + 6:41 PM + link ]

Why does Theme Park World have to be so addictive? Those cute little people... you get to ride your own attractions... it's just so great.

Anyway. Good to hear about your no classes tommorow you lucky devil. Maybe you could scrap the new layout and play Theme Park World?
Must go play...

[ Fat Burrick + 6:29 PM + link ]

Oh, some good news: tomorrow I don't have any classes (yay!), so I should have some time do create a decent layout for this blog and move it to my server. :)

[ sailoreagle + 11:56 AM + link ]

*grins and hugs d0om* No, it's not your fault at all. :)

[ sailoreagle + 11:55 AM + link ]

Wednesday, March 07, 2001

bah! its not my fault I can't spell is it Sailoreagle?

[ d0om + 8:22 PM + link ]

The link tag is <a href=etc.>, d0om... not <a hreaf=etc.>. ;)

[ sailoreagle + 8:17 PM + link ]

Well yeah, d0om it would be good if you actually gave the link :/ *smackoz*

[ Fat Burrick + 6:10 PM + link ]

Link to sailoreagle's personality tester thingy :)
( I got most like Starrfall! eep! :P)

[ d0om + 5:02 PM + link ]

Ahh, much better. This layout is only temporary, but at least it doesn't have the ugly default font and colors.

Iggles dear, edit your profile and put something in the nickname field please? Put whatever you want, I don't care if it's Almighty Haribo or whatever (but for the love of God not Femmiggles!), just put something.
Or you won't get any base. O;)

Ok - HTML basics, since I don't know how much you all know and you'll probably want to make some links and stuff...
<b> </b> is bold;
<i> </i> is italics;
<s> </s> is strikeout;
<u> </u> is underline;
and for links use <a href="your url here" target=_blank>url title</a>. (The target=_blank part will make links open in a new window.)

(Yes, I'm bored at school and I have nothing better to do than post a long post than nobody will probably ever read. :p)

[ sailoreagle + 8:49 AM + link ]

Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Important stuff. Suuuure.

All your irrelevance are belong to us! *g*

[ sailoreagle + 9:49 PM + link ]

We shouldn't post irrelevances here. We should save this place for important stuff!


[ Iggles + 9:42 PM + link ]

<Fat-Burrick> I wont touch it!
<sailoreagle> *g* I know.
*** Iggles has joined #the_hidey_place_of_all_hideynes
<d0om|work> thats what Iggles said about Zantie's panties! ;)
<Iggles> I didn't do it! No one saw me do it! you can't prove a thing!
<sailoreagle> lol

[ d0om + 9:41 PM + link ]

All your heavy objects are belong to me.

[ Fat Burrick + 9:40 PM + link ]

is this using my nickname then?

[ d0om + 9:37 PM + link ]

The first one to post something from All your base really should be beaten with something heavy..

[ Iggles + 9:35 PM + link ]

w00t! it works! :)

[ d0om + 9:35 PM + link ]


[ Fat Burrick + 9:34 PM + link ]

Oh, I'm fine. You might want to change your profile, though, if you want a name to show up on the blog when you post... *grin*

[ sailoreagle + 9:25 PM + link ]

Well, how are all you fine people?

[ Iggles + 9:23 PM + link ]

Ok, let's see if it works...

[ sailoreagle + 9:11 PM + link ]