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6th May 2001
- In case you hadn't noticed from the lack of updates, this site is now static and will no longer be updated. The main reason for this is that frankly, I have little interest in Sailormoon left (I haven't seen an episode in years), and I'd rather work on my collective than work on this site. I even thought of deleting it, but I decided not to, since as the first site I ever made it has a sentimental value ^^
- I modified the quiz so that it's no longer possible to send it to me for grading. I was sick and tired of grading quizzes ^^ If you took it, I'm sorry, but I don't have time to grade it and send you the score. Nobody aced it, however.
16th February 2000
- Added scans from the Materials Collection to the Artbook scans page.
15th February 2000
- Added scans from artbooks 3 and 4 to the Artbook scans page.
28th January 2000
- Wah, missed Haruka's birthday again! ;_; I completely forgot about it too ^^;;
- Links updated.
19th January 2000
- The Arbook scans section is finally online ^^;;
14th January 2000
- Sorry for the delay in updating, I had a lot of things to do for school --;;
- Won a new award.
- Artbook scans coming soon!
21st December 1999
- Moved to Crosswinds, finally away from Geoshitties. The picture gallery and the computer goodies section are staying on Xoom, because Xoom doesn't let people direct-link to my files, which is good :)
- Rings and Linkexchanges section taken down, because the linkexchanges I was a member of are all down anyways --;
- I'm getting the Sailormoon artbooks for Christmas (yes, all of them, except for Infinity), so expect color manga scans sometime in January/February.
20th November 1999
- I know, I know, long time no update ^^; Sorry, but I was incredibly busy (school --;;)
- Added five new desktop backgrounds to Put a Haruka in your computer.