Timewasters Inc.

So what is this? It's a list of all the online games I will find. It's more for my benefit than anything else - so I won't have to go and dig through my bookmarks every time - but it could be interesting for other people as well, I think. Enjoy.

To play these games, you will need Java enabled or Shockwave and/or Flash installed (depending on the game).

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Kevin the Spaced Penguin
Single player

Get Kevin the penguin to his spaceship. More difficult than it sounds, what with planets and gravity and the like.

Flight of the Season
Single player

You're Santa, you have to deliver toys by clicking on the houses, and you have a time limit. This game uses the same mechanism as Milk the Cow, so if you've already played that, you know what to expect.

Milk the Cow
Single player

Click on the cows to fill your bucket of milk. Easier said than done... Don't play this game if you get dizzy easily.

The Amazing Dare-dozen
Single player

"The dangerously daring mission of twelve farm fresh eggs to boldly go where no egg has gone before."
You have to make an egg climb up the screen, jumping from basket to basket. If you miss the basket, you lose a life. Pretty silly, but entertaining.

Cranky Crabs
Single player

Hit crabs with your yo-yo, jumping to avoid beach balls and similar round things which take away your health and gathering bonuses that give you more strength and more time.

Chicken wings are not for flying
Single player

You are a chicken, and you have to rescue stubborn little chickens that are trying to fly by throwing them an umbrella. Easier said than done. You have five lives, and you lose one every time a little chicken goes splat on the ground. There are also some bonuses which allow you to move faster, etc.

The three monkeys
Single player

This game involves catching falling fruits with monkeys. In addition to falling fruits, for some reason, some mean person has thrown in the occasional bomb. When the bomb comes down, you have to click on the corresponding monkey, so he ducks and does not catch it. Then you can click on him again, and he will start catching fruits again. Initially, the game goes really slow - only a fruit every second or two. When you get to higher scores, they start to come down faster, and there are more bombs. You have five lives: every time you drop a fruit or get hit by a bomb, you lose one.