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(Note: several Ykyltmsuw lists have been popping up, and I have even received a flame calling me a thief for 'stealing others' ideas'. I will state this now: this is the original Ykyltmsuw list. It has been up on my page since September 1997, and before that it was up on my friend Immora's Spiffy Sailormoon Page.
I'm not saying that the owners of the other list have plagiarized mine, though: I know for sure they got the idea without knowing I had already had it.)

1. You start thinking about anything and it always turns to something that has to do with Sailor Uranus. 

2. You’re playing computer Scrabble (or Literati Lite) and you’re happy because you got to spell "uranus". 

3. You try to convince your net system administrator that your e-mail address should be changed to haruka@sailor.uranus.com or something like that. 

4. You succeed ! 

5. You want to dress up as Sailor Uranus for Halloween. 

6. You want to dress up as Sailor Uranus for Halloween....and you’re a GUY ! 

7. You have a physical (not web site) shrine to Sailor Uranus in your room. 

8. You have used this list as a checklist. 

9. You dream about Sailor Uranus/Haruka more than four times a week. 

10. You’re still reading this list, trying to see how many you did. 

11. You had to add memory to your computer to hold all the Sailor Uranus pictures you’ve downloaded. 

12. You’ve talked to your watch and tried to contact Haruka. 

13. Holding a beachball/globe, you have the irresistible urge to scream "World....Shaking !" and hurl it onto the floor. 

14. Your alias is "Haruka" or "Uranus" or "Sailor Uranus" or "Sailoruranus". 

15. You can fit Sailor Uranus into ANY conversation !!! 

16. You wear only one earring. It’s a gold loop in your left ear. 

17. You get satisfaction out of drawing a SD Sailor Uranus slicing off the heads of offensive teachers or pounding an offensive fellow student into the ground. 

18. You ran out of disk-space because of overwhelming Sailor Uranus pictures, but without hesitation you decide to erase Microsoft Office and all of its sub-systems, then click on Netscape to get more pictures. 

19. You can type "Sailor Uranus" faster than your own name ! 

20. You throw a birthday party for Haruka on January 27th

21. You can’t remember what the acronyms "ASAP" and "RIP" stand for, but when you saw "YKYLTMSUW" you said without thinking "Oh.....You Know You Like Too Much Sailor Uranus When" ! 

22. Your personality begins to become that of Sailor Uranus. 

23.Sailor Uranus pix dominate your computer and max out your hard-drive. 

24. You’re soooo happy that your birthday happens to be 27th January, just like Haruka’s...even if it isn't true. 

25.You try to steal your friend’s Haruka keychain. 

26. You think "Speed Racer" would be a much cooler show if Haruka was in it. 

27. The Uranus/Neptune theme plays when your Windows ’95 starts up. 

28.You printed out this list. 

29. You’re talking to your friend and the bell rings so you have to go, and when you’re leaving you give her a wink and a grin (a la Haruka) and say "Ja na". (And you’re a girl.) 

30. You check the car and motorcycle racing results in the sports page to see how Haruka did. 

31. You have a picture of Haruka in your wallet. 

32. Someone tells you, "You act/look/sound just like Sailor Uranus". AND you take it as a compliment ! 

33. You overhear someone talking and think they’re saying "Sailor Uranus" every third word. 

34. You dream about another senshi, then wake up feeling guilty. 

35. The only reason you go on-line, is to search for stuff about Sailor Uranus. 

36. You dream about Haruka dying and wake up with tears streaming down your face. 

37. A friend asks you "Who would be your ideal mate ?", but you have trouble figuring out a way to tell her your ideal mate is a cartoon character named Haruka. 

38. Every time you hear the word "Sailor", you yell out "Uranus !" 

39. You actually consider trying some of the ideas of this list. 

40. You had your family name legally changed to Tenoh. 

41. You can name Haruka’s birthdate, blood type, favorite color, fav. food, fav. animal and fav. subject in under 30 seconds, without looking. 

42. At an anime convention over the summer you laid out over 200 $ in the first two hours on posters of Sailor Uranus. 

43. These posters helped you build a shrine to Sailor Uranus in your room. 

44. The rest of the shrine is a bunch of pictures you have that you use to tell you what your day will be like. 

45. When the shrine is wrong you think it was telling what Sailor Uranus’ day was like. 

46. You also have a shrine to Sailor Uranus in your wallet. 

47. You don’t feel that this is dedication enough. 

48. You cry every time you see a pic from Sailor Uranus’ death in SMS or in SMS*. 

49. While exchanging SM trading cards with your friend, you’re extremely reluctant to give her a Sailor Uranus card you have quadruple for a Sailor StarMaker one that is the only one you need to complete your collection. 

50. If you could have three wishes realized, the first one would be Sailor Uranus to be real, and the other two....well, you would let her choose for you ^_^ 

51. You print out every pic of Sailor Uranus you can find in Internet......and then you wonder why your printer ran out of ink in only one day ^_^ 

52. In Astronomy class, the teacher asks you which planet you would like to do a research about - and you, of course, choose Uranus. 

53. Doing the aforementioned research, you used the first 5 lines to talk about the PLANET Uranus - and the other 50 pages are about Uranus the SENSHI. 

54. After reading your research, the whole class AND the teacher became Sailor Uranus fans. 

55. Every time you begin to say "Sail..." your friends roll their eyes, thinking "not again !", even if you *could’ve* been about to say "Sailing sounds like something I would like trying to do" and not "Sailor Uranus is soooo cute and......" 

56. Your teacher said, "Ok, one more word outta you about Sailor Uranus and I’ll send you straight to the PRINCIPAL !".......and there you went. 

57. You ask your friends to write down some ideas for this list and they write "Your name is (your name here)." 

58. Your Japanese teacher calls you "Sailoruranus-san" and you scream with joy ! 

59. It’s 11 p.m. and you’re still writing down ideas for this list, instead of studying for the test you’ll have tomorrow. 

60. In the aforementioned test, you wrote "Sailor Uranus" as your name, "Sailor Uranus" as the date, "Sailor Uranus" as the answer to the first question......do I need to continue ? 

61. You DON’T want DiC continue dubbing because you’re afraid they will call Haruka "Erica", "Alex" or some other stupid name. 

62. Your little sister’s first words aren’t "mama" and "papa" : they are "Sailor Uranus" and "Haruka Tenoh". 

63. Sailor Uranus’ seiyuu (voice actress) has a restraining order against you. 

64. You can remember the name of the aforementioned seiyuu without looking. 

65. Your friend that is ALSO a Sailor Uranus freak says "I think you like too much Sailor Uranus." 

66. You start hating natto with a passion without even knowing what it is ^_^ 

67. You don’t associate with anyone who thinks Sailor Uranus is lame. 

68. During classes, instead of listening to the teacher, you write down ideas for this list or draw Sailor Uranus - and you still get very good degrees! Mmmmh......maybe Sailor Uranus is protecting you ? ^_^ 

69. You have the message on Haruka’s answering machine playing on yours. 

70. You unconsciously rename any woman with short blond hair "Haruka". 

71. For the third time this week you’ve gone to school with a gold loop earring in your left ear, and your friends are really starting to worry....I mean, first the haircut, then the tan hairdye, and now the earring.... 

72. You become your school’s star basketball player and develop the habit of intimidating the other team by holding the ball up in the air and shouting out "World....Shaking !" right before you shoot. 

73. The piano is now your favorite instrument. 

74. You wish you were Sailor Neptune O_O 

75. You think that if Helios was hidden in Haruka’s dreams SMSS would have been the best SM series. 

76. You don’t think that would’ve been possible, because in Haruka’s dreams there’s only a- racing b- Michiru ^^ 

77. The swords Jedis use in "Star Wars" remind you of the Space Sword. 

78. You have a hard time trying to find a solo picture of Haruka because she’s always with Michiru, so you absolutely can’t stand Michiru. 

79. You hate yourself for hating someone that Haruka loves ^^ 

80. You plan on editting ChibiUsa/Sailor ChibiMoon out of the series, and putting in her place Haruka and Michiru’s child from the future - ChibiHaruka/Sailor ChibiUranus ^^ 

81. You start considering a change in your sexual preference ^^;; 

82. You start saying anything about Sailor Uranus, and your parents unconsciously finish off your sentence – and they’ve never seen the show. 

83. You name your little daughter Hotaru and make her call you, Haruka-papa ^_^ 

84. Someone asks you *anything* about a character in Sailormoon and you just start yelling, "Why do you care about that ditzy/ crybaby/ bookworm/….?!?! Think ‘bout URANUS instead!!!! 

85. You bookmarked every Uranus shrine existing on the net, even if some are in a language you don’t understand or they’ve not been updated since the Silver Millennium (bookmarking Uranus shrines is SO fulfilling, isn’t it?) 

86. Your web page is an Uranus shrine. 

87. Your web page is the most visited Uranus shrine of the net, ‘cause people like the fact it has every question you could think of about Sailor Uranus answered. And cool pics too! 

88. Your web page is the most visited Uranus shine of the net, because you keep going to your own page to make the counter go up and up ^^ 

89. You’ve sent in contributes to this list. 

90. One of your contributes has actually made its way into this list. 

91. Your birthday cake was shaped as Sailor Uranus. 

92. You didn’t eat the aforementioned cake – how could you possibly eat Haruka??? 

93. You sing "Kazeni Naritai" (Haruka’s S image song) under the shower. 

94. You sing "Kazeni Naritai" so much that your parents have started humming it unconsciously. 

95. You’ve become so like Sailor Uranus that one day a little girl runs into you, fells down, apologizes, looks at you and says "Oooooooh!!! You’re Sailor Uranus!!!! Oh please please please, give me your autograph!!!" 

96. You’re writing a fanfic with yourself in it, and in this fanfic Haruka and Michiru, for unknown reasons, suddenly break up. Guess who becomes Haruka’s new partner? O_O 

97. In every book or manga you read and every movie or anime you see you can find a character that reminds you of Sailor Uranus. 

98. You’re writing a fanfic, and you just can’t resist to make up a lot of new powers for Haruka, making her the most powerful of all the senshi – even strongest than Sailor Saturn (hey, if Saturn can destroy the world saying three words, then Uranus will have to say only two to blow up the entire universe ^_^) 

99. You start watching Magic Knight Rayearth only because Princess Emeraude has the same seiyuu as Sailor Uranus. 

100. You refuse to be called a moonie. Instead, you call yourself an "uranusie".

101. You think Haruka should have a guardian cat too. 

102. After reading the above statement, you think that, since she's related to sky and wind, a guardian eagle would be more appropriate. 

103. When someone makes fun of Haruka (Yer-anus _), you calmly stare at them and shout, "Uranus Planet Power MAKE UP!!!"...... 

104. .....and it works. 

105. And while they are gaping at you, you yell "World SHAKING!!!"...... 

106. .....and the last thing they see in their life is a big yellow energy ball heading towards them. ^_^ 

107. All the sentences you say/write begin with "Haruka-san says...." 

108. And when someone asks you who's Haruka, you reply "Why, my best friend...." 

109. ....leaving them wondering if you're regreding to childhood, since the last time you had an imaginary friend you were three years old..... 

110. You find it cute that Uranium and Neptunium are next to each other on the periodic table. 

111. You buy a yellow convertible and go around driving it even if you're too young, because heck, if Haruka can do it.... 

112. And when someone asks you "Aren't you a little too young to be driving?" you answer "Don't worry, I got my licence abroad..." 

113. ....and you've never been abroad. 

114. If you see a girl with a violin case, you always follow her.....just in case. 

115. You got arrested for stalking more than 2 times. (I could SWEAR that girl was Michiru...I HAD to follow her....^_^) 

116. You're a member of every Uranus fanclub in existence. 

117. You created an Uranus fanclub/ring/linkexchange. 

118. You're always standing on your toes because you want to look as tall as Haruka. 

119. You keep adding entries to your personal YKYLTMSUW list. (The owner of that other list will NEVER have more entries than me....I swear it.....^^) 

120. You always ace your tests at school. Your parents say, "We're glad you finally decided to study seriously" and you reply, "You're mistaken. I never study. But my girlfriend lends me her mirror before I have a test." 

121. You spend a whole hour telling your Science teacher about Haruka, and when you finally finish, they say, "You really know a lot of things..... but....I asked you to tell me about Uranium...." 

122. Your teachers now would rather prefer dying than asking you to tell them about anything that could remotely have something to do with Haruka (i.e. Uranium, Uranus the planet, Uranus the god....). They still remember the last three hours lecture....it was terrible.... 

123. You aced every Uranus quiz in existence. 

124. And no one seems to be able to ace the one you made..... 

125. You had an "about me" section on your webpage (which just *happens* to be an Uranus shrine....) but you took it down because you "aren't worthy enough". 

126. People wonder why your tastes in clothing change this often, since if one day you're wearing boyish clothes, the next one you'll surely be wearing a white leotard and a mini skirt.... 

127. After long (and expensive) talks with your psychologist, you've finally come to realize that Haruka isn't real. But now, you have a huge crush on Ogata Megumi. 

128. You buy a yellow convertible, have its licence plate read "HARUKA", and paint/stick/whatever Haruka/Uranus pictures all over it. 

129. In art class, when you're told to draw anything you want, you always draw Haruka/Uranus. 

130. Whenever you enter a place (either on the web or in RL) everyone bows to you saying, "Oh great priest/priestess of Uranus, order and we'll obey" or something along that line. 

131. In art class, you're asked to draw the paradise. And one look at your drawing causes the teacher to yell, "I asked you to draw the paradise!!! Not some kind of shop full of Uranus merchandise!!!" 

132. You started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion only because Shinji Ikari has the same seiyuu as Sailor Uranus. 

133. You started watching Fushigi Yuugi because you thought Yui-chan was Haruka's younger, more feminine self. 

134. You travel all the way to Japan just because you think you'll meet Haruka there. 

135. While you're there, you repeatedly get arrested for stalking Megumi Ogata. 

136. You also get arrested for being caught red-handed searching through Megumi Ogata's stuff, at night, in her house. Obviously, no one believed that you were searching for her henshin pen....^_^ 

137. You get arrested one more time for banging on Naoko Takeuchi's door at 3am, yelling "WHY WASN'T THE SERIES BASED ON HARUKA???" 

138. If Haruka was real, she would be hiding from you day and night. 

139. Even your worst nightmares are Uranus-based. 

140. You're the proud owner of the domain name www.sailoruranus.com. 

141. You hit on everyone that uses the alias "Michiru" or "Sailorneptune".

142. All your belongings are marked with a tiny Uranus symbol.

143. Your signature has an Uranus symbol in it.

144. You have the Uranus symbol tattooed on your forehead.

145. No one dares to bash Haruka while you're there, 'cause the last one who did got sliced into dices by your Space Sword(tm).

146. If someone asks you what would you want to be were you given the opportunity to be a thing of your choice, you immediately answer "the wind".

147. You realize that it actually COULD have been possible for Helios to be hiding in Haruka's dreams, because he could be either A) Driving a race car around with Haruka B) Giving Michiru a ride C) Pulling a fancy carriage with Haruka at the reins, Michiru by her side...you know, the whole 9 yards...

148. The way that dude on Highlander throws his sword reminds you of Sailor Uranus.

149. When you read any bad fanfic that calls Haruka "Alex" or something else and has her fall in love with anyone BUT Michiru, you send the author a massive e-mail bomb that causes the fool's harddrive to explode.

150. Bah, forget an e-mail bomb-You track them down and use REAL explosives!

151. When asked what you want to be when you grow up, you say "Sailor Uranus!"

152. When asked what you want to be when you grow up, you say "I want to be the wind!"

153. You love any anime character voiced by Ogata Megumi instantly, no matter how terrible or badly written they are, because they obviously cannot be either one of these things, they have Haruka's seiyuu, dammit!

154. You absolutely LOVE Pikachu because he has Haruka's seiyuu!

155. You wonder if Haruka and Pikachu would get along well...just gotta get rid of that Pokemon trainer to find out.

156. When you have to do a report on a chemical element, you do whatever humanly possible to make SURE that you get to do it on Uranium, even if it means disposing of any poor fool that would DARE to take it from you...

157. You always read Haruka's horoscope, every day, without fail.

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