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Quotes said by Sailoruranus

Neptune: *watching the Inner Senshi get fried* "They seem to be 
in trouble..."
Uranus: "What a pitiful bunch."
 - SMS

Uranus: "Oh really? What shall we do with it?" *cracks knuckles*
Puppet: *panics and starts running* 
 - SuperS special

Haruka: "Now everyone knows our identities. Was it careless of 
us to transform back there?"
Michiru: "I have no regrets. Otherwise we wouldn't have survived 
either. Besides... I wanted to save those girls."
 - SMS

Venus: "Messiah?"
Mars: "Who's that?"
Uranus: "The one who can stop the doom, the silence, from 
covering the world. In the hands of the Messiah, the world will be 
 - SMS

At an Aquarium staring at a fishtank:
Michiru: "Being here and watching is so relaxing. I could sit here 
all day..."
Haruka: "Yeah I know what you mean. Watching these fish really 
makes me feel mellow."
Michiru: "Silly. I wasn't talking about the fish."
 - SailorStars

Neptune: "There are some things only adults can enjoy... don't 
you think?"
Uranus: *blushes and coughs into fist*
 - SuperS movie

Haruka: "At that time I wanted to be the wind; I just wanted to 
escape my destiny."
 - SMS

Haruka: "I never said I was a man..."
 - SMS

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Quotes said about Sailoruranus by other 
Sailormoon characters

Makoto: "Haruka-san's wonderful...I wanna be like her 
 - SMS

Michiru: "Oh? I think you misunderstand something. There is 
no meaning in protecting a world without Haruka."
 - SuperS special

*hearing that Makoto has a 'date' with Haruka*
Minako: "Mako-chan changed her taste??"
Ami: "That's not the point!"
Usagi: "The date's Haruka-san..."
Minako: "Then I've got nothing to say."
 - SMS

Rei: "If Usagi was here, she'd agree with me."
Michiru: "Oh? You and Usagi must be really close, like 
Uranus and me."
Rei: *sweatdrop* "Uh. . .don't put us together like that. . ."
 - SailorStars

Neptune: "I'd do more than sell my soul to the devil, Haruka; 
I'd burn in hell for eternity, as long as you are in Heaven."
 - SailorStars

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Quotes said about Sailoruranus by fans

Sailoreagle: "Sailoruranus for president!!!"
 - Discussion on the topic: who would be the better ruler in 
this time of crisis?

Sailoreagle: "World Shaking!" 
Martina: "Deep Submerge!" 
SE: "Space Sword--" 
SE: "Hey, you cut me off! That's not fair!" 
M: "Yes it is! So reply!" 
SE: "Uh, Wall!" 
M: "You can't use that! You're Uranus, not Saturn!" 
SE: "But Hotaru-chan will defend her papa!" 
M: "But she won't do anything against her mama! So she 
doesn't use Silent Wall, so you're Deep Submerged and 
SE: "No, 'cause I'm fast and dodged your attack easily! Now 
my turn! WORLD SHAKING!" 
M: "DEEP--" 
M: (physically leaps out of the way) "Phew, dodged it. How 
dared you target me with that *censored* attack of yours! 
Now you will PAY for that!!! SUBMARINE REFLECTION!!!" 
SE: "Wha'?!? Uh yes....SPACE SWORD BLASTER!!!" 
[continues this way for two hours] 
SE: (weakly)"I'm exausted...I surrender...." 
M: "Hey waitaminute!!! _I_ was going to say it! You stole 
my line!! DEEP SUBMERGE!!!" 
SE: "Uh oh....WORLD SHAKING!!!" 
[And it all begins again...^^]
 - Pillow fight, with a Sailormoon turn ^^

"Happy St.Valentine's Day! Of course, this is as a sign of 
friendship (I'M NOT HARUKA!!!)"
 - A Valentine from my friend Elena-chan

Sailoreagle: Can you imagine then what would happen if we 
somehow happened to meet Haruka-sama? @.@ *grins*)
Immora: Let's see... I'd pass out and fall on my face, making a 
total idiot of myself, LOL!
SE: O.O Haruka-sama... O.O is that you? O.O *faints* (in 
Haruka's arms... *grin*)
I: ... Then Michiru comes and smacks you upside the head 
with her mirror -.-;;;
SE: Well, it was worth it! :D~~ *drools*
- Email discussion over what would happen if two rabid 
Uranus fans like us happened to really meet Haruka-sama...

HarukaandMichiru's answering machine...
(Haruka speaks)"Hello, we're sorry but we can't pick up the 
phone right now. Chances are we are out, or we are, er.... 
*long pause* ...otherwise occupied. *Michiru is heard giggling 
in the background* Erm, anyways, just leave your message 
after the tone..."
- Part of an email I sent to a friend of mine, about each senshi's 
possible answering machine message :)

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