Stupid rumours -- special feature

Welcome! This is a special edition of my Stupid Rumours page. I found the following article on the 'net, and thought it so stupid that it's worthy to be thoroughly commented by me ^^ No changes have been made to the article; I will not post the webpage where I found it or the author's name; this is not some thing I made up; all the "you" in my comments are directed to the author of the article; my comments will be in blue. Enjoy! ^^

Introduction: I am studying literary science, any thesis is acceptable, when one is able to find proof of it, no matter what the author says...

I don't know about you, but this sounds like total bullshit to me. An author knows about his or her creation more than any critic ever will.

It took me long to compose this article, so you should also take your time when reading it.Perhaps you should copy it on disk, print it and read it then...

I could be rude now, commenting that a thing like this is not worth to be printed out, but I won't. (This is a rhetorical figure called preterition, btw ^_^)

After having seen lots of information in the WWW concerning the relationship between Haruka and Michiru, I felt myself forced to comment on this topic, which is so often discussed, but probably not always objectively.

*sarcastic* All hail the great king of objectiveness.

I saw the 199 episodes & three specials shown up to now in Germany (I hope the missing 4 specials and one episode will be broadcasted soon), so it is quite unlikely that I did not get any important information.

It's most likely that you missed the important information, because the only country in which Sailormoon has not been censored and cut is Japan ^^ I've seen some of the German episodes too, and they are very censored.

First of all, it is important to stress that Michiru would give her life for Haruka (see episode 110) ,but not vice versa (episode 098), a clear sign that Michiru is interested in Haruka, but Haruka NOT in Michiru.

Sorry to disappoint you, but it's not like that. You see, they made a promise (episode 98, how come you missed that?): if something happened to one of them, the other would not go and save her, but would continue the mission. That's why Uranus did not help Neptune. Also, note that Neptune has to tell Uranus to run away and get somewhere safe, and that if Uranus really didn't care about Neptune, she wouldn't have shown herself when she already knew that the guy's heart wasn't a Talisman.

Haruka is totally shy, even when at first and second sight one might come to another conclusion. Therefore she does not even dare to think of flirting with men.

Haruka is shy?

She chose a typical type of defence, namely that she hides her shyness under the cover of being cool & aggressive. Michiru is the one & only character who knows about this (see episode 180 "foreign friends": Michiru: "... Haruka is shy..."[at least in the German version]).

Only in the German version, which, as I said before, is cut and censored.

I tend to see Michiru as Haruka’s "mother", because in spite of Haruka’s aggressive behaviour, Michiru controls her "daughter". All the cool behaviour of Haruka is in my opinion closely related to the way, teenagers behave in their adolescence.

Um, Haruka is sixteen... that would make her a teenager in her adolescence ^^;; Not to mention that not all teenagers behave coldly and aggressively... for example, does Usagi seem cold and aggressive to you?

Michiru also has probably had several experiences with men before, & therefore functions also as Haruka’s "instructor".

This means Michiru is bisexual then, right?

Due to her shyness Haruka needs affection, perhaps even more than anyone else, which she partially gets from Mom Michiru, when Michiru puts her head on Haruka’s shoulder.

Um, usually it's the person needing affection who puts the head on the other's shoulder, not the other way around.

Did you notice that Haruka often wears a cross around her beautiful neck? Of course you did! The cross stands for Christianity. In the Book of Genesis and also in the Book of Judges you will find a passage, where God destroys the cities of Sodom & Gomorra because of their homosexual inhabitants.

God did not destroy Sodom and Gomorra because of their homosexual inhabitants. He destroyed them because the inhabitants abused of any traveller that came into the city.
Also, not to go on a religious rant, but God does not hate homosexuals. He created all of us, why should He have created homosexual people if He hated them?

Haruka instead wears a sign of Christianity, she obviously would use all her strength & courage to destroy lesbians & gays, like God did it before.

If it was like that, would she allow bisexual Michiru near her? No she wouldn't.

The episodes:


Why do we not remember episode 092, where Usagi & Minako ask Haruka whether Michiru is her love. What does she reply? "to me, she is much more important than that", in other words: Michiru is not her love, she never stops giving hints to her "daughter" who therefore likes her "mom" (see also episode 106 "I am glad I met you, Michiru"). If they were really a couple and their feelings for each other were THAT strong as the others proclaim, they would not deny their relationship.

Don't get your dialogue wrong. Usagi and Minako ask Haruka if Michiru is her girlfriend, to which Haruka replies that their relationship is much more than that. Maybe the correct word to define their relationship is "soulmate" ^_^
Also note that Haruka and Michiru refer to each other only by name, not using any suffix: this indicates a very close relationship. If Haruka considered Michiru her "mom", she would call her "Michiru-san" or perhaps even "Kaioh-san".

In episode 095 when they both decide to leave the "Love-Show" Haruka says that they took part only for fun & that in the end, only love will win. In other words: she does not consider her relationship to Michiru as love, therefore they cannot be a couple.

You're jumping to conclusions again. True, that's what Haruka says, but you have to remember two things. First, Usagi and friends are watching the show: it is quite obvious that Haruka and Michiru don't want them to know what their relationship really is, maybe because they don't trust them enough (they've met them only a few days before). Second, they know (they sensed it) that the enemy is going to attack there. There's a high chance the daimon will attack the winners of the contest, so, when Haruka and Michiru see they are winning, they drop out of the contest to let another couple win (it wouldn't be good if the daimon attacked them, don't you agree?)

There is a scene in episode 096 when Haruka & Michiru disappear into the bushes, reappear as Uranus & Neptune, & at the end are lying again in the bushes. What do the others say? They were making love in the bushes? Well, well... That is quite an uncomfortable place for doing that, isn’t it? Of course they hide behind the bushes in order that Mako(to) cannot see them transforming & re-transforming.

Nobody ever said that. It would be really stupid. It's just obvious that they hide in the bushes to transform.

Let me just carry on: the others tell us that Haruka likes flirting with women. The only thing I can remember is when she tells Usagi that she still has a chance of becoming her girlfriend (it is obvious that she enjoys making fun of Usagi, having "fallen in love" with this handsome "boy"). Michiru gets angry, because she is jealous? (she has a homosexual interest in Haruka, but not vice versa)

Haruka says "you still have a chance", period. Haruka is joking, and Michiru does not get angry, but mock angry. Infact, she innocently says to Haruka "I wonder if I should go home with your lunch..." You'll admit that she doesn't sound angry ^^

People tend to cite the scene in episode 110 "The Talismans", where Michiru touches Haruka’s hand in order to prove they are a homosexual couple. The contrast is true. Did you watch Haruka’s face in this scene? Her eyes are open wide, a typical sign of fear or even disgust. She also refuses to "answer" this gesture, she does not hug Michiru, for instance. Poor little shy Haruka is so paralysed & scared that she is unable to turn push Michiru’s hand away with violence.

O_O Oh my, you've just said the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my whole life. You see, my eyes are open wide now... does that mean I'm afraid of you or disgusted by you? No, I'm simply surprised. Haruka is surprised too, not disgusted.

Let us recall episode 115 "Strange Force", where Haruka makes the statement :"You will never get a man’s heart with violence". Wouldn’t you agree, that a lesbian does not know how to gain a man’s heart???

I honestly don't remember Haruka saying anything like that. Anyway, even if she does say that, it doesn't mean she's not a lesbian. It's common sense that you can't win anyone's heart with violence, duhh -_-

In episode 126 they are together at table, Michiru giving Baby Hotaru its baby bottle and at this sight Haruka says, that this was a "fantastic prospect" but Michiru nevertheless proposes that they could live on as an ordinary family with a child, but Haruka (already annoyed) answers "it is time to leave": she obviously refuses to comment on this topic, because a homosexual relationship is no possible option for her (and Hotaru needs to be returned to Doctor Tomoe).

Haruka doesn't say that it was a fantastic prospect, Michiru doesn't propose that they could live as an ordinary family, and Haruka is not annoyed. Here's the dialogue:

Haruka: You two are picture perfect.
Michiru: There's nothing wrong with an ordinary life, don't you think?


Let’s have a quick look at episode 167, where both are standing in front of an aquarium: Michiru says "I could stand here forever" but Haruka only replies "Driving is much more comfortable than watching fish" when frustrated Michiru angrily replies "You little fool, I am not talking about the fish [but you]". This scene clearly shows that Haruka does not think that Michiru feels comfortable when she is there.

Michiru is neither frustrated nor angry. She is joking, for Heaven's sake. The dialogue is more or less like this:

Michiru: (looking at Haruka, not at the aquarium) Staying here and watching is so relaxing... I could stay here all day.
Haruka: Yeah, I know what you mean. It really makes me feel mellow.
Michiru: Silly, I wasn't talking about the fish.

I also read several times that a scene later in episode 167 "Nehelenia awakes" would prove they were a couple. Michiru insults Haruka of eating too many sweets. Haruka replies " these scoldings for bed." Well, "mother" Michiru can of course look after her "daughter" before Michiru goes to bed as well. In none of the episodes a common bed of Haruka & Michiru is shown, so one must assume that they do not share one (bad luck for Takeushi and followers).

First off, it's Naoko Takeuchi, not Takeushi. Second, she knows more about her work than you ever will. Third, the whole idea of Mommy Michiru looking after Daughter Haruka before going to bed is really stupid.

In episode 170 Michiru compares herself & Haruka with Usagi & Rei. As we all know, Usagi & Rei always have quarrels, can never be a couple, especially because they both have a boyfriend (Usagi has Mamoru & Rei Yuichiro). If we take Michiru’s comparison seriously, also she & Haruka have a boyfriend. [HA!]

Michiru compares Usagi and Rei with Haruka and herself, not the other way around. Mars was commenting that if Usagi was there, she'd agree with her, and Michiru replied, "You two must be really close, just like Uranus and me." Mars immediately replies, "don't put us together like that". This means that Haruka and Michiru are a lesbian couple, otherwise Mars wouldn't have had that reaction. [HA! :P]

The other side often mentions a scene in "SailorStars", when Hotaru calls Haruka "Haruka-papa". It is important to consider Hotaru’s age, she may be three years old. As we all know, she loves her father, but now, living because of her identity as a Senshi together with the three older ones, he cannot be with her. Baby Hotaru therefore searches with all her power for a replacement for her beloved dad & unluckily chooses Haruka, playing (see below "Takarazuka theatre") a male role, but well aware of being a woman... (her dresses in the manga...)

Hotaru is about eight years old, not three. So, she is very well aware of what she says. So, she recognizes Haruka and Michiru as a couple.
Also, Hotaru calls Haruka "Haruka-papa" in the manga too. :P

Towards the end of "SailorStars" (episode 180) there is a scene in a park,

The scene in the park is in episode 181. Get your episodes straight.

Also, the beginning of the scene is not mentioned, so I'm going to have to mention it ^_^ Haruka and Michiru (wearing matching outfits btw) come up to Usagi, and Michiru says "The only people who come to the park on a holiday are couples and pigeons." (Do Haruka and Michiru seem pigeons to you? ^_^) Usagi says that Seiya asked her to go there, and Haruka tells Usagi to be careful.

where Michiru tells Usagi: "Haruka doesn’t like men who are popular among women." Note that she does not say that Haruka doesn’t like men in general.

It's "Haruka doesn't like popular men". There's no mention of men who are popular among women.

And even then, Haruka –obviously annoyed- requests: "Pardon? What did you say?", Michiru smiles embarrassed, stressing unmistakably the fact Haruka likes men, when they are not as popular as Seiya among women.

Haruka is annoyed because Michiru seemingly wants to keep Usagi in the dark about their suspicions on Seiya, while Haruka would want to protect her by telling her everything. Michiru smiles, but not embarassed, and drags Haruka away.
Haruka complains that she's hurting her, and Michiru replies, "oh, am I?"

Later in the episode

Not later. It's the same scene.

Haruka says, she wants to be touched gently by Michiru. Normally, this would prove they are together, but look at the context. Usagi has a date with Seiya, whom Haruka cannot stand. Michiru instead wants Usagi to have this date & therefore pulls Haruka away, probably not that violently at all. Michiru promises to touch Haruka gently at home, which is not meant seriously, she wants Haruka to make place for Seiya (otherwise this "touching gently" would be shown later).

Michiru does not "want Usagi to have this date". She simply wants Haruka not to tell Usagi their suspicions until they have proof Seiya is dangerous.
And the "touching gently" would not be shown later, Sailormoon is not a hentai anime -_-

By the way, in the German translation you can hear the so-called "Glucksen" in Michiru’s voice when she makes the promise, standing unmistakably for irony, her statement is not to be taken seriously.

In the German translation, and only there. Do not base yourself on adaptations when discussing something. You have to base yourself on the original work, that's the first rule of literary critic.

Of course I have to comment also on the scene in Michiru's dressing room.

Which is in episode 180.

After Seiya and Usagi have disappeared, Michiru asks Haruka in a strange way, showing once again her homosexual interest in Haruka, to help her undress. Haruka replies in a neutral way "of course". A lesbian would answer in a much more lecherous mode.

(very calmly) You know what? You're a stupid, prejudiced homophobe. Homosexuals are normal people.

In 184 Usagi tells the rest of the Inner Senshi that "Haruka doesn't like men" (the Inner and the Three Lights sigh [they know what this means]) but Michiru herself adds "...who are popular among women".

Again, it's "popular men", period.

This five words show: Michiru has given up trying to get in close contact with Haruka (otherwise she wouldn't add anything to Usagi's statement which shows Haruka as a lesbian) / Haruka obviously likes (loves) men / Michiru does not want the Three Lights and the Inner Senshi to think Haruka being a lesbian.

It's not like that. Let me tell you the whole scene.
Haruka is mad Seiya is at Usagi's home (because she doesn't trust him). She says (to the ThreeLights) that she doesn't want Usagi around them, and Yaten angrily replies not to make them out to be the same as Seiya. Rei asks Usagi if they're on bad terms, and Usagi replies "Rather, I hear Haruka doesn't like men!" Yaten comments, "That makes sense", and Haruka says, "That doesn't make sense!" Then Michiru says that Haruka doesn't like popular men, the Inners say that it makes sense, and Haruka repeats, "That doesn't make sense!"
It's sort of obvious that Haruka doesn't want everyone to know about her sexuality.

In "SailorStars" Haruka complains that she is freezing, & Michiru offers to warm her up. Heterosexual Haruka of course refuses and asks for a cup of hot coffee.

(less calmly than before) Stupid prejudiced homophobe. -_- Sees everything as an innuendo to sex.

Michiru’s homosexual interest in Haruka is again shown clearly in episode 184 "Alone at home" when Michiru "confesses" to never being bored in Haruka’s presence (Haruka doesn't even reply to this new homosexual approach!).

This is not an approach, this is simply a statement of love.

Let us recall a scene towards the very end of "SailorStars": They are discussing whether there is a chance of returning alive after having faced Galaxia. It is obvious that they do not want to lose each other, but does that really automatically imply a homosexual relationship? No, there are also very close friendships between parents & children, in this case between "mother" Michiru & "daughter" Haruka.

A simple friendship would not drive them to betray their friends just to be together.

When they are both giving their star crystals to Galaxia in order to stay together, it is once again proved how much Haruka depends on her "mother": without Michiru, the shy girl has no link with reality. I read somewhere in the net that "...everything about the importance of the mission was a lie...". Listen to reason:

Sorry to disappoint you, but you're not the voice of reason.

they sacrifice Hotaru, Setsuna and themselves in order to fulfil their mission (to protect Usagi). So it is clear, that they are obsessed with their mission and anyone denying this is -sorry, but it is like that!- wrong.

Their mission is to save the world, and they're not obsessed with their mission. And if their mission was to protect Usagi, they would not give themselves to Galaxia, thus endangering her.

When they "are dying" towards the end of the series, they want to touch each other before dying. This is a kind of goodbye between mother and daughter, not between lovers (lovers would insist on a last kiss, won't you agree?).

Yeah right. They're fading from reality, are lying apart on two different levels of the roof, don't even have the strenght to get up. You seriously think they could stand up and kiss each other before dying?

A kind of conclusion...

Nevertheless, in a certain way, the other side is right: they definitely do not simply behave like "really really good friends", but rather like a family. No, not like Mom & Dad, like mother & daughter.

Denial, denial...

A gay couple dies in the anime, namely Zoisyte & Kunzyte. When someone thinks that homosexual couples are OK, he (in this case "she" [Naoko]) does not let them die...

First off: Zoisite and Kunzite die because they're villains, evil, threatening to take over the world, not because they're gay. Heterosexual villains also die (Saffiru loves Petz, Petz loves Saffiru, then how come Saffiru dies?) Second, Naoko has nothing to do with the anime. Infact, Zoisite and Kunzite are not a couple in the manga.

A normal couple survives past, present & future, even having a daughter: Usagi & Mamoru.

Not to mention they break up a few times, and Mamoru gets brainwashed / forgets about Usagi in all the season. Not a very faithful guy, isn't he?

Michiru’s homosexual interest in Haruka becomes clear in episode 106"First encounter", being a flashback into the past, when Michiru confesses, that she was already interested in Haruka before she knew she was the second Senshi.

In the same episode, Haruka accepts the destiny she had ran away from all the time, because she didn't want to leave Michiru alone.

It continues in episode 110 "The Talismans", when Michiru unsuccessfully tries to seduce Haruka by touching & holding her hand.

Michiru is not trying to seduce Haruka, she's trying to comfort her.

From then on, she stops making approaches, just leans against Haruka or puts her head on Haruka’s shoulder, actions, which probably well-educated Haruka admits to due to her politeness & because she does not want her "mother" to commit suicide out of desperation.

Ohh... so that's why Christian Haruka does not destroy bisexual Michiru? It's incredible what politeness can do.
Oh sorry, did any of my sarcasm drip on you?

Naoko said that they were a couple. First of all, what the author him/herself says about his/her work is of no importance for a literary scientist.

As I already said before, this is bullshit. An author knows more about his or her work than everyone else will probably ever know. Also, you're by no means a literary scientist.

In the famous interview from Italy, Naoko said that she got inspired to imagine Haruka by the Japanese Takarazuka theatre. In this theatre, all actors were female, playing even male roles. Thanks for this statement, Naoko, Haruka can and indeed plays a male role, but nevertheless she is well aware of the fact being female.: in episode 115 (as mentioned above) "You will never get a man's heart with violence"

I already commented on this above.

and think of the provocative dresses in which you painted Haruka in the manga, Naoko...

Who says a lesbian can't wear provocative dresses? Michiru's dresses are as provocative as Haruka's.

In my opinion, Naoko intended to present an ambiguous relationship between Haruka & Michiru: at first sight, one is not immediately able to say if they are having one or not! By doing this, & by letting Usagi & Mamoru survive, whereas Zoisyte & Kunzyte die, she shows that the normal couple is ideal [ yes, folks! It survives past,present & future!], but provokes at the same time a discussion about homosexuality throughout the world. When she really intended to show them as a couple (as she tells the world), she probably would have insisted on visible proof of this "love"(HA!) in the anime. As we all know, Usagi and Mamoru are kissing at least twice in the anime, nothing similar in the relationship between Haruka and Michiru...

Naoko has nothing to do with the anime, as I said before. A manga author can't decide how his or her work is adapted to make an anime out of it.

The strongest force occurring in "SailorMoon" is the love of Usagi and Mamoru. The best example for the strength of this love is in my opinion the end of episode 172, where Nehelenia is rescued. The forces of Uranus and Neptune instead are also strong (stronger than those of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus), but cannot compete with the power of REAL LOVE which only a normal couple can create (see also Haruka's statement in episode 095).

Who says homosexuals are not normal people? -_-

About the "kisses" in the manga: "mother" Michiru instructs her "daughter" Haruka how to seduce a man, because Haruka is fascinated by men but does not know how to approach them. This kiss is not a kiss between lovers, it is similar to a kiss on the stage of a theatre or on the set of a movie.

Those are doujinshi, also known as fan manga. They're not drawn by Naoko Takeuchi herself, but by fans of the show.
And, I don't know if you've seen that, but in one of the two doujinshi pictures I have in which Haruka and Michiru kiss, Haruka is pulling Michiru's swimsuit down... *^^*

And the two kisses

One kiss. The other happens in Usagi's dream.

Haruka gives to Usagi are signs of care from an older member of the "family", in this case from an older "sister", not of a homosexual interest.

I never knew siblings kissed each other on the lips. I sure don't do that with my brother. -_-

Well, Michiru must be bisexual, trying to seduce Seiya in episode 180 & trying to seduce Haruka in episode 110.

Michiru isn't trying to seduce Seiya. She's trying to pry informations out of him.

Haruka isolates herself because she shies away from all sexual relations, may they be homo- or heterosexual.

Because of her kindness Haruka allows bisexual Michiru to lay her head on her shoulder several times in "SailorStars": in order not to "offend" Michiru, she tolerates her "approaches" but turns down any closer relationship.

It is rather hard for the others to proof a homosexual couple without any kisses, caressing each other, a common bed...

I already answered all of these statements before.

Their only "proves"


are: Naoko's statements,

She's the author, she's created them, she knows what they really are. So, if she says they're a homosexual couple, they're a homosexual couple, period.

some pics showing them close together.

Those alone wouldn't be proof of anything. But Naoko stated they're a couple, so they are.