So, are you ready to take the quiz nobody has been capable of acing yet? ^_^
Do not use the American names and data for Haruka in taking the quiz. This site is about the Japanese version.

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1- What's Haruka's blood type?

2- Her favourite color(s)?

3- Her favourite gemstone?

4- List all the identities Haruka has/had in the manga.

5- List all the ways of spelling her last name.

6- Does she have a pure heart?

7- How does Hotaru call her?

8- How does she call Hotaru?

9- List the colors of three cars Haruka owns. (Three different colors)

10- What was the name of the boy Haruka beat in the motocross race that was shown in a S episode?

11- Who introduced Michiru to Haruka?

12- Do we ever see Haruka wearing a female school uniform in the manga, before Sailorstars?

13- Which school does Haruka attend in S?

14- What's the title of Haruka's S image song?

15- When do we see Haruka's henshin sequence for the first time?

16- When do the inners see it for the first time?

17- What's the last thing Haruka touches before dying in Sailorstars?

18- Did she ever kill herself (or try to)?

19- What's Haruka's name in the Italian dub?

20- Do we ever see Haruka kissing Michiru? If yes, when?

21- Do we ever see Haruka kissing someone else? If yes, who and when?

22- What color is the back bow of her fuku?

23- Do we ever see Haruka transforming back?

24- Does Haruka ever try to kill Hotaru? If yes, say how many times, when, and who protected Hotaru.

25- Does Haruka/Uranus ever make a "funny face"? If yes, when?

26- Does Haruka/Uranus ever produce a sweatdrop? If yes, when?

27- How many earrings does Haruka wear as Sailor Uranus?

BONUS QUESTION: What do Sailor Uranus and Plesea (from Magic Knight Rayearth) have in common only in Italy (to my knowledge)?
(I can't understand why so many people complain about this question. You don't need to live in Italy to get this question right, you only need to use common sense.)

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