Welcome to the place where the different characters that share a piece of Sailoruranus are gathered.
Welcome to the other side of the mirror...
#1 Yui Hongo -- Fushigi Yuugi
Yui looks just like a younger, more feminine version of Haruka. In general, her coldness and the way she teases her friends are Haruka-like also.
#2 Oscar François de Jaryares -- Versailles no Bara
A blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who crossdresses, behaves like a man, is often mistaken for one... how can she not remind me of Haruka? Another similarity I remembered: she plays the piano.
#3 Shinobu -- Princess Army Wedding Combat OAVs
This guy, playing the piano in his school uniform (with green plaid pants, a white button up shirt, and a plaid tie) just reminds me of Haruka. Another similarity: he takes track and field.
#4 Gourry Gabriev -- Slayers
Ok, ok, Gourry is nothing like Haruka... he's dumb, dense, and overall an idiot. But he's got blonde hair and blue eyes, and carries a sword similar to Haruka's Space Sword...
#5 Luke Skywalker -- Star Wars
Blond hair, blue eyes, his lightsaber is suspiciously similar to Haruka's Space Sword...
#6 Yuu -- Marmalade Boy
This was suggested to me by Alison, who said: "Take away all the feminine characteristics of Haruka and you have Yuu". I can't but agree :)
#7 Haruka Kano -- H2
No similarities except the name ^^; But hey, that's enough of a similarity to get her listed here ^^;
#8 Haruka Kamishiro -- Rumic World 1
Again, no similarities except the name... oh wait, yes, she's the reincarnation of a girl who lived a long time ago (and Haruka could be considered the reincarnation of Sailoruranus...)
Info and picture for #1 and #3 taken with permission from Lyta's Sailormoon page (now dead ;_;).
Picture for #7 taken with permission from H2 Page.