(A little note: these rumors/statements were all found on some webpages. 
I'm _not_ going to say the names of the webpages, but I wrote to each owner 
telling them to correct their info. And no, I didn't make any of this rumors up. 
I'm not sick like that.)

- Haruka is the only male senshi. And since when men have breasts?
- Then she's a hermaphrodite, the upper part is female and the lower is 
male. This isn't definitely the case. Go look at some pictures of 
Haruka in a swimming costume, or look at her while she's 
transforming. You'll see that she doesn't have the, ah, lower male 
equipment ^^
- Haruka is a boy in normal form, and becomes a girl when (s)he 
transforms. She's not part of the Starlights' team, dearies. They are 
boys that change into girls when transforming. Haruka's not. 
Compare their henshin sequences and see for yourself.
- Haruka can change from being female to male and viceversa whenever 
she wants to. Oh wait, maybe _this_ is how she and Michiru.... Yeah, 
right. This is the most stupid thing I've ever heard.
- Haruka's parents had wanted a boy, so she was brought up as a boy, and 
that's why she crossdresses, behaves like a boy, and has a liking for girls.
Where on earth did you hear THAT?!? Some weird fanfic? Neither in 
the anime nor in the manga such a thing is stated.
- Haruka was raped when she was a child, and this is why she's homosexual.
WHAT?!?!? See the answer to the statement above.
- Haruka and Michiru are "just friends". Would you say "save the scolding 
for bed" to your best friend?
- Haruka and Michiru are sisters. Even better. Try saying that to your sister.
- Haruka is in love with Michiru, but Michiru doesn't like her and constantly 
has to shove her away. That's like saying that all their little "talk" and 
flirting doesn't count. Also, go find somewhere the lyrics to Michiru's S 
image song, "Unmei wa Utsukushiku". Who the heck do you think 
she's talking to??
- Haruka is in love with Usagi/Rei/Minako/Makoto/whatever senshi. Wrong. 
Haruka's in love with Michiru, and _only_ with her.
- There's no proof Haruka and Michiru are in love! Naoko Takeuchi-sama 
herself stated it. So there :P