Welcome to, my anime and manga domain and my collective of sites I created to reflect my various anime- and manga-related interests.
I also have a personal domain,, which houses all the websites that are more geared towards personal interest than towards anime or manga. Some of the sites that were previously on this domain, such as my blog, have moved there. Go visit!

Although my personal domain is updated far more often, I thought it would be good to go back to my "anime roots" and make a new layout for this domain - especially one based on the very manga I got the domain name from.

This layout features Shion and Mokuren from "Please Save My Earth". The image was scanned by me from one of my artbooks, then edited.

DISCLAIMER and all its contents © sailoreagle (that would be me), unless otherwise stated. "Please Save My Earth" characters © Saki Hiwatari. Please respect my work and don't take anything from this website. Thank you!


(Note: all sites on this domain are to be considered static, unless otherwise noted.)

Wind Spirit my oldest and largest site, a shrine to Sailoruranus from Bishoujo senshi Sailormoon. Houses what has been described as "the most enjoyable Sailoruranus image gallery on the web".

Nocturne a shrine to Yue from Card Captor Sakura. At this point, I've frankly lost the interest in finishing it - but, the huge image gallery is up, at least.

Get the picture? scans from various artbooks I own (currently: the Sailormoon Infinity Artbook and the three Please Save My Earth artbooks).

Wallflower a site containing some wallpapers and winamp skins I made.

Nostalgia a layout archive, containing screenshots of the past layouts of all my webpages.

Thieves a group blog done with three friends of mine. Dead but not forgotten.

ThiefLOGS a ring for Thief fans who have a blog. (All five of them.)

(More sites can be found on my personal domain,


Q. What does "kicie" mean?
A. A kicie is a special mark that some characters from "Please save my Earth" have on their forehead.

Q. Why did you choose as your domain name?
A. Because I like it, and it's short, easy to remember and unique.

Q. There used to be a site here and now it's gone...
A. It's most likely been moved to my new domain,

Q. Can you host my site?
A. Sorry, I don't host.

Q. Can I take your pictures?
A. If they're in the galleries, yes, provided you link back to me somewhere on your page, you don't direct link them, and you don't ask credit for them. And please, don't just take the whole galleries and replicate them on your website.
If they're on my layouts (edited images), you can't take them. I spend a lot of time editing images.

Q. What happens if I direct link?
A. I have my website configured so you can't direct link. Every image you try to direct link will show this image instead. So really, if you direct link images from message boards, chats, or other websites, you'll just look like an idiot. And you're also running the risk of me finding out about the direct link (I do check referrers) and getting in touch with your webspace provider so your webspace is pulled.

Q. Can you create a layout for my page?
A. No, sorry. I don't have the time.

Q. What do you use to make your layouts?
A. I edit images with Paint Shop Pro, and HTML manually, with whatever text editor I happen to prefer at the moment (right now it's Metapad).


March 2005
Well, there's a new layout. At last.

Keep in mind that I'm terrible at keeping track of updates on sites, and that this domain is, right now, very rarely updated. Your best bet if you want to keep up with updates to my websites is following my weblog, as I'll always post there whenever I make something new.


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